Your NO is the FIRE that Protects your Pleasure. A love-talk on boundaries, anger, and innocence.

“But, like, I don’t have any anger,” she said, “…or, at least, it’s really hard for me to access it.”

She was almost every client I talked to in the past two weeks. (Incidentally, anger was the universal theme of the eclipse portal.)

She was also… me… just a few weeks earlier.

Until a dude took me to a cabin in the woods and insisted that I LET IT ALL OUT.
Until I was laid out in a death-lodge of pain for 4 weeks straight and a fierce clarity began to rise in me.

No. I don’t want to do that.
No. I don’t want to be that.
No. I don’t want to try at that.
No. I don’t want to give to that.

My world swirled with a tornado of no’s. Lips to soul. Soul to lips. Life insisted that I kiss many things goodbye. Resistantly, (often with tears in my eyes) I obliged.


Because my NO is the FIRE that protects my PLEASURE.

And there’s nothing like swimming in incessant pain to make you ready to do whatever it takes to feel… better.

You feel me?

Are there things you’re saying yes to that are dragging you through an unnecessary shitter?

If so, you’re not alone.

Here’s the talk I’ve given 12 times in the last 12 days: Your NO is the FIRE that protects your PLEASURE. A love-talk on boundaries, anger and innocence.

  • The problem with having no access to your anger (hint: it has to do with less access to your pleasure)
  • A safe + foolproof tool for accessing MATURE anger (and the difference between mature + immature anger)
  • The physiological difference between males + females, and why men get angry + women get sad #notalways #butgenerallyspeaking
  • Impassioned anecdotes about privilege + trauma resolution as revolutionary work
  • How to work anger through your body (some fun, quirky, safe techniques)
  • Info about my FREE YOUR SECRET BAD GIRL Workshops, where we can do the potent work of reclaiming the NO that can really protect your pleasure… together
Speaking of…

You wanna come?The Secret Bad Girl Book Tour is coming together! Friends are opening their living rooms. Women are reserving their workshop seats. And the body mic is on it’s way to me. #yay!

I’m feelin’ especially excited for the Workshops. Please do join in if you’re ready to…

  • Unshame + reclaim your core needs for love + intimacy, your deepest desires for pleasure and freedom, and your most authentic soul expression (No more calling your true nature bad)
  • Cultivate healthy boundaries by releasing long repressed anger, practicing your embodied NO, and protecting the innocence of your wants + needs (No more giving it all away, or feeling so locked up that no one’s ever allowed in)
  • Learn the dynamic duo of Responsibility + Receptivity the best elixir for both claiming and allowing the life that excites + ignites every cell in your body (No more praying to be saved, nor applying needless force)
  • Understand where you are on the map from Secret Bad Girl to Grown Goddess (No more suffering over the confusion of where you are in your healing process)

We’ll do it in sisterhood. We’ll do it with ritual. We’ll do it in the flesh ’cause goddess knows we’ve all done plenty’a time with the pixels.

$197. 11am-6:30pm on a Saturday. Signed book + lunch included.

A whole day of transformative guidance, teaching + love for the price of a single session with me.

Click your nearest city to reserve your spot::


Know someone who needs these words and work? Please do spread the word. This is a living room revolution. Your whispers fuel the fire. Thank you, thank you. xo

Sending love,

PS:: People are traveling in from out of town to come to the DC book party + workshop. Sisters, please know you’re totally welcome + invited to do so–for any of the cities!

PPS:: What’s your relationship to anger? Super curious. Hit reply and tell me all about it. xo

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