I can’t do this without you.

I can't do this without you.

In 11 days, on Friday November 24th, the Sex After Trauma Kickstarter goes live.

It’s the biggest invitation I’ve ever made.

An invitation for hundreds, maybe thousands (?!) of women and men to invest in a new culture, starting with themselves.

It’s no secret now that so many of us have experienced traumatizing violations in our most sacred parts, at our most tender ages. 

It’s also pretty obvious that personally and culturally, we’re ripe for some true healing…

We’re ready for a cultural awakening of reverence and consent.
To reclaim our feelings of worthiness and confidence, even after deep mistreatment.
To feel safe in our bodies, expressed in our power and beauty.
To co-create communities that know how to protect and defend… how to cultivate care where a scarcity of tenderness has made monsters out of men (and women).

It’s time for us to be fueled by the pleasure and joy of sexuality, rather than terrorized by the abuse of it.

It’s time for us to take a powerful stance for restorative justice, rather than bypassing, gas-lighting or vilifying. 

It’s time for us to support each other in this deeply needed process of healing.

Most importantly, it’s time for us to KNOW HOW.

How to really get to the body and heart of this kind of transformation.
How to do so safely, so it’s not re-traumatizing.
How to actually and deeply shift, not just transfer our collective shit from person to person.

We can do it.

I know because I’ve done it. And because I’ve helped facilitate deep, embodied holistic healing for hundreds of other humans.

I am here on Earth to do this work.

But I can’t do it without you.

In 11 days, on Black Friday, the Sex After Trauma book Kickstarter goes live.

Will you do me a personal favor?

Will you let me know you’ll help get this baby funded?

Like literally… just comment and type “I’M IN IT TO WIN IT!” if you’re ready to help this Kickstarter succeed. No need to make any grand financial or action-oriented commitments…

Those six words alone are enough to fuel my radical fire. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
With a heart full of faith and endless gratitude for you… 

PS–If you’re not familiar with Kickstarter, it’s a crowdfunding campaign platform. Meaning, I’m making you this book. You get to buy a “reward” of your choosing (from about 15 options)… and IF/when we reach the funding goal (in this case, $40,000), I get the cash to finish creating Sex After Trauma, and you get the reward you purchased. Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing crowd-funding platform, meaning that the entire $40,000 must be raised for me to get any of it. Otherwise, all the dollahs go back to the humans, and… I do my Plan B, because this book is happening no matter what. (But we’re gonna raise the moneys. I know it. Because – sound strategy, epic faith and… you.) Thank you x a million.

PPS!–Next week I’ll send over the how-to-help e-mail, with easy-peasy sharable stuff all ready for ya. Thank you in advance for being ready to rock this thing!

Last PS!–The Sex After Trauma Sisterhood is one of the Kickstarter rewards, but is also the kinda thing that I like to talk to every woman about before she joins. If you’re interested in an immersive 4-month group coaching program that includes an in-person retreat, you can read more HERE, then go here and we can set up a time to chat and feel it out. <3

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