Two ways to say HEY on the Secret Bad Girl Book Tour!

My loves!,

It’s official! I’m going on a Secret Bad Girl book tour, and we’re kicking it off in my hometown of Silver Spring, Maryland on September 30th.

I’m so excited to be gathering in the flesh in MD, Portland, Oakland and SoCal for story sharing, song strumming and deeply transformative experiences.

The truth-truth is, the process of writing and publishing Secret Bad Girl was defintely the most tender experience of my life. I spent many months quietly holding this new baby, wondering what I was thinking, knowing my life would never be the same with her in it.

But after many months of going + growing inward, I’m finally ready to be in the flesh with this book and my community–to feel myself and my work held in tangible, physical love and light.

Would you circle around me on this dear, important book tour? It would mean so much to me.

There are two ways to say HEY on the Secret Bad Girl Book Tour.

ONE:: The Secret Bad Girl Book Party

:: If you want to soak in the wisdom and lessons learned from living under + breaking free from the Trauma Spell, come to the Book Party. I’ll do a reading and play original songs and pass out magic scrolls. We’ll hug in the flesh like the good old days. Sweet + powerful soul salve. || Book Party is FREE. Books will be signed + on sale at the event. $15. All genders/sexes invited.

:: If you’re ready to unshame and reclaim your pleasure, power and potency, come to the FREE YOUR SECRET BAD GIRL Workshop. We’ll explore YOUR Secret Bad Girl, as well as the Grown Up Goddess she’s evolving into. Anger, released. Pleasure, permission-granted. Forgiveness, felt. Boundaries, blazing. Safely. Slowly. Playfully. In sisterhood. Safe + profound healing. || Workshop is $249 for 2-days of magic in Maryland and Oakland, $149 for 1-day of depth in Portlandia and LA. Women & trans folks invited.

{{Each workshop is limited to 12 participants to ensure an intimate experience. Safety + moving at a doable pace are my utmost priority. Also, hugs.}}

Here’s the schedule + event links with more info!

Sept 30th :: Book Party {Facebook Event}
Oct 1-2 :: Workshop {Reserve your spot}

Oct 14 :: Book Party {Facebook Event}
Oct 15 :: Workshop {Reserve your spot}
Psssst… Portlandia, I’m only doing a 1-day workshop ‘cuz I haveeee to go to Ecstatic Dance on Sunday morning. Meet me there!

Oct 21 :: Book Party {Facebook Event coming soon}
Oct 22-23 :: Workshop {Tickets available soon}

OCT 28 :: Book Party {Facebook Event coming soon}
OCT 29 :: Workshop {Tickets available soon}

Know a sister in one of these cities who needs to be in the room? Please do pass this email her way.

Big big love.
See you in the flesh.


Secret Bad Girl is a deeply healing memoir and trauma resolution guide for women who’ve suffered secret rapes or sexual abuse–and want both stories and instructions for being set free.

There’s a myth that so many women bear the burden of in today’s world. The myth is that we’re bad for the violations that happen to us, as well as the mess of the aftermath of those abuses.

Secret Bad Girl not only dispells this myth, but illuminates exactly how you can transcend it, embodying the aliveness, resilience and vitality that was always meant for you.

Most people never resolve their trauma because fear of entering into the territory of violation is so abrasive that they freeze. Rachael Maddox understands this fear and meets her readers in a place of compassion and grace, creating safe space for sacred healing.


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