When It’s Time to Move On :: Four Powerful Questions for Honoring All That’s Been

How do you really move on?

I’ve been meditating on this question for months. It’s a biggie. And there’s no simple answer. The dance between moving forward and sinking in is delicate after major life blow-ups or slow-burn let downs.

Yesterday, I offered a Tough-Love letter template for when you know it’s time to move forward. Today’s questions are more of the sinking in variety. Contemplate. Reflect on where you’ve been and what you’ve learned. Make meaning. Make inner-peace. And reach inward for clues about where you’re headed next.

Four Powerful Questions for moving through big transitions with honesty and grace:

1. Where have I been?
What land am I leaving? What happened there and with whom? What’s been significant? How has it felt? Metaphorically and truly? You don’t have to forget. You can tell the story of the way it’s been. You can honor what’s happened–because it did. It happened. It really happened. Be honest. All the way.

2. What do I want to forgive?
In myself? Others? The world? The simple-way-it-was that I’m ready to lay to rest? The idea that got killed? The let down? You don’t have to hold on. You can let the rage in your heart unwind. You can breathe into who you are now because of all the things you never wanted to be so. And you can forgive the parts of yourself you still don’t adore. It’s all in motion. Everything’s progress.

3. What do I want to celebrate?
In myself? Others? The world? What deserves an applause or bow? Who or what do I normally dismiss, downplay or deny? What am I most proud of? You don’t have to hate it all. You can cry tears of joy for what was good. You can laugh and dance, hoot and holler, simply smirk over that one tiny moment no one knows about but you.

4. What am I calling in?
What’s next? Tangible and intangible? How do I want to feel? Who am I becoming? Metaphorically and truly? You don’t have to hold on to old dreams, old hopes. You can listen for what’s calling you now, put words to intuitive hunches–deep and raw desires. A new context of self awaits you. You’re already becoming it, always. 


These questions are heart opening, so give yourself some sacred time to dive in. Write your answers as you will. In a letter to yourself, on tiny slips of paper, on the bathtub tiles with your fingertips.  Ruminate, sweethearts. Let the truth simmer in all its notes and flavors.
Madlove to you, deep & wide… and all my trust in your journey,

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