The Best Advice I Ever Followed (A Story for Chronic Rushers)

Hey Sage Hearts,

For whatever reason, this story has popped into the forefront of my mind five times in the past five days, and I’ve been telling it as a saving grace in the moments when friends or clients are freaking out in a frenzy, trying to rush to fulfill their big hearts’ desires.

Are you feeling that way, too? Like you can’t move fast enough? Like the dreams need to happen now? Like the pressure cooker is just a bit too high and your angst is boiling over?

Or maybe just like you want to remember your sacred presence and what happens when you remember to slow down?

If so, this story is for you. It’s a story of a man I met on a humid summer night in Washington DC. It’s a story of something he told me when I was rushing to get to the next phase of my life–the post-divorce, happily-single phase–that could not come soon enough.

Listen in. Breathe deeply while you do. (Mostly ’cause breathing deeply helps everything, always, but it especially helps with rushing).

I love you.


The Best Advice I Ever Followed (A Story For Chronic Rushers) from Rachael Maddox on Vimeo.

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