Who’s holding the keys to your temple?

Who's holding the keys to your temple?

“Who’s holding the keys to your temple?” I asked her.

“Huh?” She said back.

“You are a temple, sister. And it sounds like you’ve given him all your keys… like you’re begging he’ll open your doors, come inside, fill some void in you. But he’s not opening your doors, he’s not coming in. So take your keys back. You followin’ me?”

She’d been fretting about how disappointed she was feeling, how much she wanted a certain kind of attention from a dude who wasn’t giving it to her. How she’d done everything right, and still, he wasn’t showing up.

Can you relate?

I’ve been there. A thousand times.

But over the last year I’ve been in an alchemical power retrieval process, specifically around relationships.

I’ve developed a process of sacred homecoming that puts me in the center of my life and helps me attract healthier relationships and discern with more clarity the correct roles for people to play.

No more begging someone to be what they’re not.
No more contorting myself to be what I’m not.

I celebrate the honest overlap between myself and others.
And I honor – deeply – the things that don’t match. (Also… I don’t force what’s not natural. Because, ugh, so tiring.)

This has led me to having what I like to call A Soccer Team of Men in my life! *Grin.*

I’m in so many incredible relationships that I could’ve eliminated because they didn’t “meet all my needs”, or the other person didn’t want me the way I wanted them.

But through the process of taking the keys to my temple back, honoring myself as deeply sacred, and trusting that what’s not a romantic match isn’t because I lack lovability, but is just… the way life goes sometimes… I’ve cultivated so many healthy right-fit relationships.

If you’re hungry for more loving, awesome right-fit relationships in your life, you’re invited to join me and a small community of beautiful humans for Reclaiming Love After Trauma: A Master Class.

We begin Thursday, 11/2/17.

Each lesson is two hours long, and includes powerful corresponding practices that will help you unshame and reclaim healthy, safe, empowered love. {In a trauma-informed way, of course.}

Lesson 1 :: Love + Power. Who’s holding the keys to your temple? A power retrieval practice that sets everybody free.
Lesson 2 :: Love + Worthiness. Your Pie Chart of Healthy Needs. A way to be more receptive AND discerning.
Lesson 3 :: Love + Pleasure. Your Personal Pussy Oracle + the simplest solo sex magic practice on earth. {That’s trauma-informed + safe!}
Lesson 4 :: Love + Sex. Integrating power, worthiness + pleasure in the relational field. Dancing in right relationship.

Times + Dates :: All classes are 5-7pm PST.

  • 11/2 :: Lesson 1
  • 11/7 :: Lesson 2
  • 11/14 :: Lesson 3
  • 11/16 :: Lesson 4


Go right here to pay, and you’ll be added to the mailing list to get all the call-in info.

Either way, remember this:

You are a holy temple with different rooms for different kinds of relationships.

You get to decide who to unlock which doors for.

If you’re giving your keys away, praying someone – anyone! – will come in and worship you, you’re outsourcing your safety, which is a risky thing to do.

If you’re straying from your temple, trying to change the shape of your most natural radiant glow, your light dims. Nothing flows.

Call yourself home. Reclaim your keys. Invoke your sanctuary light. Then get clear on what feels like a whole-body fuck yes for each kind of relationship in your life. Let people in (or out) accordingly.

You’re worth it.

To love + friendship + deep yummy belonging…

PS–For Halloween (which I celebrated on Saturday night), I dressed up as an oracle. The future is bright, sweethearts. Incredibly full of love.  xo

PPS–Gotta good friend with whom you often commiserate about love? Send this their way and sign up for class together. Things WILL shift from doing this work.

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