I’m hosting a 10-hour telethon with 15+ sex educators TOMORROW! Come play. :)

Hello, loves. We’re in the homestretch of this Kickstarter. Let’s finish it out with some FUN.

I’ve invited 15+ of my favorite sex educators, trauma specialists, artists, musicians, poets, oracles, psychics, previous clients and all around lovely humans to be part of a 10-Hour Telethon!

We’re doing give-aways, singing songs, moving our bodies, telling stories and jokes, giving micro-lessons, and eating breakfast, lunch and dinner together.

If you’re lonely or bored this holiday season, or you just want to partake in some good ole Sex After Trauma cheer, come join!

Here’s the line-up as of now::

  • Lisa Nagel, my amazing VA, is coming on. We’re going to share our work-love story, give a lil advice about how to build your own business dream team, and then…Lisa’s going to do a card reading for the book! Live! Eeep!
  • Natalie Baack and I are going to jam on the over-lap between weight, body image, trauma and PERMISSION. 
  • Sarah Magdelena’s going to offer a Tarot for the New Year giveaway and we’re going to jam on pussy crystals, world peace and reclaiming love in age of patriarchy.
  • Kelsey Gustafson is going to lead us in some awesome trauma sensitive yoga. We might also jam on unshaming our Secret Bad Girl-ness. 😉
  • Dave Booda (the dude from the video who’s not actually my boyfriend 😉 ) and I are gonna share ideas for men who want to help end rape culture.
  • Allison Moon‘s gonna talk about Girl Sex 101. And interior book design. Because she’s multi-talented like that.
  • Amber Leitz and I are gonna jam on SEX MAGIC as a form of self-healing, creation and self-actualization. Hot.
  • Jimaneka Eborn‘s gonna share about teaching inclusive, holistic sex-ed for teens – and by the end you’ll prob want her to teach it to you, too!
  • Kalah Hill will teach us how to activate our Pussy Consciousness and embrace our deepest knowing as women. Tune in to get turned on.
  • Lola Medicine Keeper will give counsel on how to choose a safe ceremony experience in the realm of shamanism and medicine journeys.
  • Reid Mihalko’s going to offer tools for making repairs post-consent violations… and other awesome #sexgeek stuff.
  • Bitsy Burbon of More Than “No” is going to enlighten us about the overlap between KINK and trauma healing.
  • Eleanor O’Brien is going to perform a poem from her upcoming show, “Sex We Can!” An Erotic Uprising. And giveaway something juicy at the end…
  • Jeanette LeBlanc and I are gonna talk about how we became soul-fam from doing the Secret Bad Girl Kickstarter together, then share some crucial tips for SAFELY writing through the hard stuff.
  • Marissa Correia is coming on to share womb wisdom and the connection between sexual healing and pelvic health. 
  • Erin Brown is going to read poems from her recent incredible book, Sovereign. She also has a baller deck that goes with, that she’ll pull cards from for us all!
  • Ann Nyguen will come on o share her sexual healing journey... and I’m gonna have her school you on how to make cool instagram stories, too. 🙂
  • Jodi McLaren (my bestie!) is gonna join at the end and sing songs because duh. 
  • My parents might make a guest appearance because why not?? My mom is gonna giveaway some pretty jewelry. #momlove Maybe I’ll ask them awkward questions about my career? My dad is an insanely funny human so hopefully he shows up!

We are going ALL DAY LONG. Good thing I’m an extrovert.

You can find the event RIGHT HERE, or simply click to my Facebook profile anytime between 9am and 6pm PST on Friday. We don’t need to be Facebook friends for you to watch. It’s a public experience.

Also! Did you see? We’re up to $32,555! THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your support – financial, emotional and written. You are making this book possible.

If you’ve been waiting to back, now’s the time!
If you’re able to increase your pledge, now’s the time!
If you’ve been meaning to share in a heartfelt way with those who might need this book, now’s the time! 

Head to the Kickstarter now and be part of the sexual healing movement.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


PS–If you miss the Telethon, it’ll be over on my Facebook forever (?) … for as long as Facebook exists. That said, live is way more magical.

PPS–Head over to the event page for the TIMES that certain guests will be showing up! xo

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