Let’s have the best summer of our lives…

…off the internet.

So many of us are sick with loneliness, stressed to the max by capitalist competition and desperate to innovate new ways of being together that serve our bodies, hearts, souls and planet.

Our creativity is needed now. Badly.

Yet studies show that attention span, deep thought, and mental health are lower than ever… in big part thanks to how we engage with social media and our phones.

What if we could have times and spaces carved out as sacred? Devoted to deep rest, sweet play and authentic, embodied connection?

What if we could remember how healthy we truly are underneath our Collective Trauma Spells?

That’s what Tech Free Summer is all about:

Presence. Togetherness. Remembrance.
Nature. Rest. Play. Connection.

Renewing our shared soma in the most needed, human ways.

If your heart is calling you, I hope you come.

We can be together. For real.

Love love love,

ReBloom You Brunch Workshop
Sat 6/22, 11am-3pm
Brunch included
All genders welcome

  • What if you had a system you could return to any time you felt lost, unsure, insecure or hazy? A system that included gentle movement and permission-granting mantras?

    Come learn the ReBloom Coherence Practice!

    Reported as my clients’ and students’ favorite practice for clarity, self-trust, inner-power and alignment to self-worth on every level – the ReBloom Coherence Practice is deceptively simple for its profound effectiveness.

    Come for dinner + an introductory workshop to all things ReBloom. (I’ll even read you an allegory from the forthcoming ReBloom book!) Leave with a deeper sense of perspective, empowerment and healing – in your heart, body and soul.

    Great for: clarity, empowerment, healing, inner-truth, destigmatizing your journey, embodied alignment, inner-peace, gentle and safe post-traumatic growth.

ReBloom Your Sexuality 4-Day Workshop
Thurs 7/11 – Sun 7/14
Lunch included each day
Women + non-binary women welcome

  • What if no force, infinite choice and utter permission to be all of you… are the conditions that awaken your most ecstatic sensual self?

    Not proving, performing or pretending…but honoring your limits, feeling fully safe in your body, flirting with curiosities, and embracing your tender heart?

    You can have a safe, inviting, non-judgemental space to explore turn-ons and desires… to tend old hurts and scars.

    You can bring all of you into a circle of sacred trust and highly experienced and trained trauma-informed care.

    And you can leave with a sense of deep renewal, sweet remembrance, embodied trust and brave beginning again.

    Let’s be together in rituals of release, reverence and rapture… with the ecstatic Pacific Sea supporting us.

    The pace of this workshop will be slow and gentle, the invitations both deep and playful. You will be given informed consent on every activity and endless reminders to opt-out if you’re not up for something. The ocean is a block away, you can rest there anytime.

    Co-facilitated by myself and my highly qualified friend and colleague Ann Nguyen.

    Includes a Bajo (Peri/Vaginal) Steam led by my sage and beautiful friend and colleague Elyde Arroyo.

    Great for: sexual healing, erotic empowerment, sisterhood, self-trust, post-traumatic growth, embodiment, boundaries, sensual delight, ritual.

  • Me and Ann, rocking a Grown Goddess Academy Retreat together

    Photo by Life Escobar

    Not sure if this workshop is the right fit for you? Have a trauma history that’s active or tender for you? Please set up a feeler call with me before signing up for this workshop right here.
    We can see what’s most safe and nourishing.

Collectivized Co-Creation Brunch
Sat 8/17, 11am-4pm
Brunch included
All genders welcome

  • Let’s explore the necessity of moving from the World of Isolation into the World of Togetherness… not just ideologically, but economically and practically.

    What happens when we put our sweat, souls and cash together towards shared goals for shared benefits?

    At this brunch workshop, we’ll do exercises that help us shed what’s toxic about the World of Isolation and stretch into the we-muscles of the World of Togetherness.

    We’ll deepen into visions for a shared future and plant seeds of possibility for what’s next as a community.

    This workshop is intended for healing professionals and creatives interested in learning about and moving towards cooperative economic models of financially thriving together.

    PS – I studied cooperative economics in college. It’s tiiiime we build together in a whole new (old) way. 😉

    Great for: regenerative business, professional solidarity, economic healing, co-creating the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible (h/t Charles Eisenstein).

  • Photo by Sarah Bryn

The Economics of Togetherness 

  • If you’re hungry to be at Tech Free Summer but money is a barrier, please know you are 100% welcome to reach out with zero shame, all love.

    1. There are payment plans and some partial scholarships available for all offerings.

    2. There are two work-trades available for all offerings: photography or set-up/clean-up support.

    Please email me directly to see what’s still left of these options if you’re interested in one: rachael@rachaelmaddox.com

    We can be together. 💗