10 small/big dares from my heart to yours this summer

10 small/big dares from my heart to yours this summer

1. Do at least one tech free Shabbat that lasts 24 hours. Invite friends over for dinner on Friday night (even one will do!), light candles everywhere, tell stories about your grandmothers. Then have your fave restful activities like reading, walking, painting, stretching, praying, dreaming, humming—stacked for your Saturday. Stay tech-free sundown to sundown.⁣

2. Try one week with no screens after 8pm at night and before 8am in the morning. Replace screens with what nourishes you most—reading, prayer, food prep, music, sex/self-pleasure.⁣

3. Imagine yourself at a New Year’s Eve party approaching 2020. (That’s exactly 6 months from now!) You and your friends are reflecting on your year. You look to them with glee and pride. The most outrageously WONDERFUL beyond-your-wildest-dreams-things happened. Despite fears about time & money, despite trauma spells & patriarchy. What happened? Whisper aloud the top incredible things. (Have this convo with your bestie. Especially if you’re feeling stuck about anything.)

4. Make homemade hibiscus lemonade. 3 hibiscus tea bags steeped, 2 lemons, honey to taste, cool & ice!⁣

5. Read a book totally out of your normal wheel house. Different genre. Different style. Different culture.⁣

6. Put your bare feet on the earth daily.⁣

7. Come up with a summer prayer. The one your soul most needs. Write it on a pretty card. Invoke it daily.⁣

8. Make friends with someone twice your age or half your age. Trade wisdom and questions.⁣

9. Learn a song from your way back lineage. Sing it in nature.⁣

10. Swim naked! Or for the nudity shy, find yourself in a natural body of water at sundown. Shout or whisper your gratitudes.⁣⁣

So! Which are you most excited to do?! Leave a comment. Tell me your summer dreams!

And if you want, you can come be with me at my sweet lil brown house by the sea where at least half of the things on this list can happen in a matter of days.⁣

Sending you soooo much summer magic and love!



PS – Today’s my last day on social media until September 1st. I’m feeling so excited and rested already. Expect a lil more than usual love notes, stories and invitations here now that I’m not over there. And of course, if youuuu need the mental space, feel free to consider your own mini tech free adventure! Big love. xo

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