Someone wanted me to tell you to still believe in love.

Someone wanted me to tell you to still believe in love

Long after the heartbreaks that grow you old, weather your rib cage, tighten your lungs
Long after you’ve learned strategy and self-respect, or how to be happy on your own
Long after you’ve grown weary of risking so much energy–putting in, without any guarantees that your efforts will bare fruit
Past your better judgment that falling in often means falling apart

Someone wanted me to tell you to still go
All the way
Past the fear of certain pain, past the knowing that you will lose

Someone out there, despite these warnings, still wants your vulnerable, scarred up heart
Still desires your tender desire
Still seeks your raw and wobbly expression of trust
Still waits for your laughter to fill the quiet room

Someone still wants to face you as your mouth cries out in human explosion
Wants to evaporate with you, lose all sense of self–together
And then hold you for just a little while longer, at least
Remind you–by being with you–
That, for better or worse,
Through sickness and health
We all disappear together



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