Baby I will stay with you.

Baby I will stay with you.


baby, i will stay with you.

in the places of your horrible forgetting.

on the nights when the only light in your being is an inhalation of intoxication.

on the days when you’re spinning, frantic about losing what’s absolutely impossible to lose…

i will choose you.

when you feel fat.

when you feel ugly.

when you feel incapable.

when you feel unworthy of that which you were born from—

an unbreakable cord of light-filled, goddess source, INFINITY…

i will choose you to the moon and back.


not just in words

but in actions.


i will cut cords of violation from your sensational flesh.

i will build sacred barriers of entry to your flowering preciousness.

i will feed you like a queen.

i will bathe you like baby.

i will build a nest for you that’s absolutely best for you,

because baby, you deserve the best.


and when you forget,

when you forget…

i will sing you lionel richie

real cheesy

until you laugh




i will not give up on you

or settle for your faithlessness

dressed up in fancy analysis that swears

you’ve tried all the options

it’s hopeless

you’re doomed.


baby… don’t give me that fearful excuse.


we both know you are medusa on love drugs

turning all who gaze her way

into melty puddles of healthy play.


we both know you juggle the dark and the light

like a circus mistress

with psychic sight.


we both know your flesh and bones

are the finest vanilla, decadence, full-grown.


baby, i will stay with you

when your eyes are sewed closed.

when you forget what you know.

when you buy into the lie that there’s no way to re-find your power.


i will stay with you

in your darkest hour


and i will not leave

until we find a way

to rekindle

your sacred fire.


here’s to staying with ourselves. forever and ever more.

big love from my defiantly devoted heart to yours.
bless bless bless,
PS–the ‘you’ in this poem is… me. 🙂 wrote this poem from a place of deep devotion to not abandoning myself.
PPS–know someone who needs the self-love encouragement? pass the spell along. xo
PPPS–been writing poems lately? send ’em my way! i love reading your blessings.
Last PS!–next week the Sex After Trauma Sisterhood is opening up and I’m really excited about the specific alchemical container that’s forming for that. stay tuned.

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