Detox your mind. Revive your spirit. Remember your embodied joy.


Join me for a 3-day, 4-night tech-free beachside Soul Renewal Retreat at my lil brown house by the sea just north of San Diego, CA.

If you’ve got a deep desire that wants your immersive attention…

If your mind and spirit need a major tech detox…

If your soul feels lost and is longing for relocation…

If your body is weary from all the anxious rushing…

If your heart is hungering for the home of village rhythms…

If you need connection so bad it hurts (but maybe don’t wanna admit it)…

If you’re at a major crossroads and need grounded spiritual direction from your own inner-authority…

Come. Let’s be together.

Bring your desires, your broken bits, your brilliance, your beauty, your gorgeous heart-filled humanness.

We’ll eat delicious meals together.

We’ll do morning prayers, meditation and movement at the ocean.

We’ll go on nature oracle walks that illuminate our inner-truths.

We’ll read books that feed our souls.

We’ll write things out by hand.

We’ll tell stories around a fire.

We’ll do rituals of letting go or calling in.

We’ll watch the sun set and the sky get dark each and every night.

We’ll use only candle light or moonlight at night.

We’ll dive deep into what’s most pressing for you in powerful 1-1 sessions.

What’s included:

Breakfast, lunch and dinner each day.

A Shabbat dinner ritual if your visit includes Friday night.

Hour-long morning beach session each day (prayer, meditation and movement).

Nature oracle ritual and debrief each day.

Hour-long 1-1 session each day.

A “grab bag” of restful options to choose from while you’re here:

  • A full library of nourishing books
  • Sensual bath supplies for a steamy, fragrant re-set
  • Large beach towel and umbrella for napping on the shore! The house is a 60 second walk to one of the most beautiful beaches in California

The exchange:

This retreat is $2222 and includes 4 nights housing, 3 days of magical tech-free retreating, 3 meals a day, and a majorly soulful reset.

The dates:

June 6 – June 9 or August 15 – August 18 (Dates somewhat flexible!)

If you’re heart’s singing yes, book a feeler call with me right here and we can talk details. I’d love to hear where your heart is coming from, what your body most needs and what your soul is craving. We can 100% co-create magic.

To women who have been “up in their heads” since they can remember, and have a feeling that there might be a different way to be – a different way to live… To women who are sick of just existing – just surviving – and who want to truly open to the luscious beauty and joy of what it is to be fully embodied… I can’t recommend Rachael’s 1-1 retreats enough. She is a pro ritual guide and curator of experience… one of the best. I left feeling incredibly grounded, peaceful, safe and centered. If you’re on the fence, know that with Rachael you’ll be in great hands. – L.K., Austin, TX