The next Sex After Trauma Sisterhood begins in 2019.

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In the Sisterhood 12 women* will gather for 
an alchemical experience of healing, discovering and reclaiming 
our most safe and authentic sexual selves.

*All sexual and gender orientations welcome. 

The truth is, sex after trauma is about so much more than sex.

I know because I've been deep diving in this territory for years, both personally and professionally. 

Sex after trauma is about restoring a sense of felt-sense safety
It's about releasing shame, grief and anger.
It's about having and using your voice, in partnership with your heart and body's truth.
It's about knowing what turns you on, both sexually and non-sexually, and feeling like you matter enough and you're safe enough to actually prioritize pleasure.

It can be about navigating all this inside already existing relationships with histories of their own... 
or with brand new people in the dating world!

It's about de-stigmatizing the difficulty of it all and feeling empowered to experience things differently.

It's about having tangible tools for staying in or sitting out – and knowing how to discern when it's best to do what.

Little by little, with ZERO FORCE and tons of supportive resources, the Sex After Trauma Sisterhood will help you release trauma, reclaim pleasure, embody your very Personal Pussy Power, and bring new, authentic, juicy alignment into your relational experiences. 

The Sisterhood is a 4-month trauma-informed
alchemical container for transforming your relationship to 
your whole self and holy sex.
(Whether you're partnered, single, having sex, or not.)

Here's what's included:

  • 12 live group lessons with weekly practices. (Tuesdays 5-7pm PST. The Sisterhood + School meet together). 
  • 10 live group coaching calls, with opportunities to be coached, ask questions, experience group exercises, and deepen into safe sisterhood before our in-person retreat. (Thursdays 5-7pm PST).
  • 2 90 minute 1-on-1 calls with Rachael to dive into and through some of the more personal pieces that deserve spacious attention.
  • An incredible team of trauma-informed assistants present on the calls and at the retreat to ensure maximal safety, ample support for everyone, and a stabilized group nervous system.
  • Recordings of all the calls to either re-listen or play-back whenever you'd like (you do not have to be present on every live lesson / group coaching – though your live presence is recommended whenever possible).
  • A 3-day, 3-night in-person retreat in San Diego – shared housing (your own bed in a shared room), breakfast and lunches are included. (March 23, 24, 25). 
  • A private Facebook community to connect, get support and share breakthroughs.
  • Serious sisterhood love and a community of women all devoted to the same liberation.

You'll be guided through 12 powerful lessons in the Sisterhood that've helped so many women and men I work with move from
trauma to turn on:

1. Safe containers make alchemical containers. Cultivating trauma-informed agreements for our school and your life. Intro to the Pussy Oracle Practice and the three Trauma Transformation Tools that will be the foundational bits of our journey. (One for pleasure cultivation, another for safety cultivation.)

2. Seed of Desire. Identifying and rooting into the call that called you here, the evocation from your future life. Meeting your personal Grown Goddess.

3. The Magic of Momentum. How sustainable, safe change happens in the territory of trauma to turn on. Deepening of the Pussy Oracle Practice.

4. The Gifts of the Underworld. What core need and/or identity is ready to be retrieved by you? What must you say No to and what must you say Yes to, in order to reclaim yourself fully?

5. The Physiology of Trauma. Teachings and tools for reclaiming regulation amidst things like hyper-anxiety, dissociation, attachment panics, and more.

6. Calling Home Your Secret Bad Girl. Connecting with the needs and identity of your inner-kid and re-parenting her so she doesn't run your [sex] life.

7. Deep embodied exploration. What cultivates TURN ON in your whole body and soul? Cultivating your Personal Pleasure Practices and experimenting with consistent self-guided exploration.

8. Grief, rage and shame alchemy. We gotta to feel through them to feel free. Which is the whole holy point.

9. In Praise of Pussy. Biological beauty and her natural blueprint of health. Pleasure capacity. Built-in boundaries. Personal pleasure practices.

10. Consent with Self. Consent with Others. Learning Betty Martin's Wheel of Consent, and practicing ways to move out of the shadows, into the light.

11. Safer Sex Communication Skills. Setting yourself up for emotionally and physically safe sex, and learning to use your voice in intimacy.

12. Sex. Our Collective Lineage. Penning your Personal Sex Prayer for the healing and pleasure of your sex and our lineage. Our collective invocation of a New Erotic Earth.

The Sex After Trauma Sisterhood is a full-monty experience that will leave you deeply changed. Safely, and... deeply.

It's an investment in healing old hurt and turning on the most pleasurable, powerful and purposeful self you can imagine.

The cost is $3300 if paid in full.


$1000 Deposit by Jan 1, then $850/month on Feb 1, March 1, April 1.

{12 lessons + 10 group coaching calls + facebook community + 3-day in-person retreat included – 
this is the cost for a shared room with your own bed.}

Is this out of your price range?

The Sex After Trauma School might be a better fit.

There are two scholarships for the Sex After Trauma Sisterhood that have already been accounted for this time around.

Who's a right fit?
  • Women who've been to a coach or therapist, who are not brand new to healing work.
  • Women who are READY to experience safe love, intimate belonging and whole-self embodiment & expression... with themselves, with community and within romantic connections.
  • Women who know they have so much untapped love, life and aliveness inside of them. And are ready to dive in and excavate their full power. 
  • Women who've experienced sexual or emotional trauma, and deeply desire to heal in the most full-body, whole-hearted ways. 
  • Women who know now's their time, they cannot put this off any longer... even if they're scared to enter in. 
  • Women who want to celebrate other women, who are hungry for community and sisterhood, who know the power of circling in safe containers. 
  • Women who read phrases like 'deep embodiment' and 'pussy power' and cringe a lil... but then, also secretly really want to remember those parts of themselves. Not just intellectually. But like, in their flesh and soul. Finally. 
  • Women who haven't had sex in a loooong time.  
  • Women who have sex, but reluctantly in order to please their partners.  
  • Women who LOVE sex, but feel super ashamed about how unsafe they've been in terms of protection or emotional standards.  
  • Women who feel pain in their pleasure centers that won't go away.  
  • Women whose sex lives are getting so much better, but they want to feel deeply confident, self-trusting and alive in ALL things sexuality. 
  • Women who work well in immersive settings. 
  • Women who would consider themselves in a mostly stable position in their lives, safe and supported to do this deep work.
  • Women who have the time to commit to this immersive transformative experience.

Who's not a right fit?
  • Women who are brand new to healing work.
  • Women who have recent histories or current significant challenges with disordered eating or mental health. This is not to stigmatize these things, but to acknowledge that the nature of this work is deep and immersive and while we move very slowly and safely, the Sisterhood may not be the best fit for those in these spots. 
  • Women who would rather be in a purely 1-1 therapeutic container.  
  • Women who have difficulty with or judgement about others' personal sexual desires, preferences, orientations or choices. This is an inclusive space for LGBTI, kink and poly people. 
  • Women who want a 1, 2, 3 step cookie-cutter approach to healing. (This program requires personal engagement from you.) 
  • Women who don't have time to invest in an immersive participatory alchemical container.  (This program will ask about 4-6 hours a week, between calls and practices.) 
  • Women who are only signing up because their partner wants them to heal.
The next Sex After Trauma Sisterhood begins in 2019.

Feel like you want to dive in now?

What alums of my groups are saying:

"Rachael's Grown Goddess Academy is hands down the best experience I've had doing this type of work in a group setting. Before I joined I was very nervous and apprehensive about going into a group experience in such tender territory. By the end of it–especially the retreat–I came out with a sisterhood that I didn't even know I needed and I wouldn't have had it any other way. 

What makes this program different is Rachael's capacity to create a space that is truly safe, totally choice-driven (no force in activities, you can participate as much or as little as you want) that creates a sense of freedom and a container that results in incredible change for every single person in such a short time. 

Before the academy I was saying yes to things I really meant no to, burning out, pushing my limits, and wondering why I was feeling the unhappiness I was feeling. Now I feel so much more aligned with my needs, my desires, and feel equipped with the tools to navigate my life from a place of choice and power. Work with this woman and do this program. I promise you will never be the same." – A.N.

"Working with Rachael is a no brainer. Literally. She deftly helps tease out embodied wisdom - something rarely tapped into. Before the Grown Goddess Academy, I felt stuck in old fear patterns at the cellular level. Rachael masterfully helped me update my embodied responses through radical acceptance and by helping me integrate my feminine desires into my forward path. Rachael approaches her craft artfully and with grace, and lives the core truth and power of her teachings. She's a true force of light and has helped me expand into a more powerful, integrated, and peaceful way of being." 
– J.Q.

"The moment I met Rachael and heard about unshaming my Secret Bad Girl I knew this was a missing piece in my journey to feeling more alive, in my power, and connected to myself and my body. 

Though I'd done a LOT of work in that area and am a coach and healer myself, there was part of me that didn't feel totally on the other side of it all and I didn't know why. What I did know was that despite all the work I'd done, I was STILL missing a level of joy and permission to be innocent, playful, and sensual and I wanted that back. 

What I realized through the program was that I had spent a lot of years not honoring my "no's" and feeling a deep shame because of it. I didn't realize how much of an impact that was still having on self-image and freedom to be me. I also didn't allow myself to honor and hold space for the past trauma of feeling stuck in situations and relationships that were not self-honoring, because I was so determined to "get out of victim" that I was shaming myself for having been a victim in the first place, and never felt safe enough to ride the waves and release it from my body. 

I can't believe it was just a couple of months, because I feel SO transformed through the Grown Goddess program and retreat. I've reclaimed my power and I feel brave enough to honor my no's, and because of that my inner child is coming back to play and my Grown Goddess is here to keep her safe.
– N.B.

"In the Grown Goddess Academy I learned that our basic needs are GOOD and that our needs not being met or honored may lead us to seek out unhealthy ways of getting them met. It's really sweet and innocent! It feels so liberating and delicious to realize that inherent goodness and shed the shame.

Rachael has lived it - her gentle allowing approach is so loving and full of ease - no pushing, no rushing. She creates and holds a safe container for vulnerability, growth and connection. Yes, connection. That was a tough one for me - the Lone Wolf.

So when I went to the in-person retreat I was super vigilant. I was NOT going to cry or share too much (I now realize this is a PTSD response in the form of martyrdom - "I am fine by myself" thinking). In the first hour I realized that this was unlike anything I had ever experienced. The love and support in the room was palpable. It felt icky and disingenuous to NOT participate, even though that was welcome, too. Nothing is mandatory.

The rawness and truth of emotion and human-ness forever changed me. We are all wounded in some way and I used to operate from a "Pull yourself up by your bootstraps and get on with it" mentality. This retreat and these women made me soften - towards myself and others. That feels more genuine and authentic than judging people for being weak, mostly myself!

My trauma was not sexual, it was more neglect and abandonment. It really doesn't matter, and comparing is futile. I recommend the Grown Goddess Academy to anyone who feels "other", like they don't belong, like they're the Black Sheep or just awkward. This program helped me step into my Divine Feminine and own my power, my magic and my soveriegnty. Deep bow to you Rachael Maddox. I love you sister." – C.A. 
A little more about my background as your guide:
Hey there, 

Rachael here. 

Here's what I know: trauma is TENDER TERRITORY. Sex after trauma? The tenderest. 

And... full of the most incredibly raw and deliciously honest POSSIBILITY. 

I am utterly in love with this work. 

People often come into my containers with only the smallest seed of hope that their relationship to self and sex can actually transform from shrouded in dark, frustrating shame and pain... to blossoming with health, pleasure, expression, love and connection.

People leave feeling more worthy than ever before, more connected to their embodied truth, more able to make choices that support safety, thriving, health and joy, and more intimately seen and known both by our sisterhood and those closest to them. 

The Sex After Trauma Sisterhood is everything I'd want from a group program on such a sensitive topic – a super safe container, a deep + effective framework that blends embodiment, identity work, ritual and science, a space with tons of permission to sit out, rebel, do less or say no, AND a brave invitation to break through, rebirth, rise rise rise.

I've worked with over 100 humans over the last few years helping them break their trauma spells and re-emerge as confident, embodied, empowered, juiced-up and WHOLE. The amount a human can change just by being in the right setting and getting the kind of support they truly need astounds and inspires me. I love this work so much. 

My professional training includes Alchemical Alignment Trauma Resolution and Embodiment of Spirit (Levels 1, 2 and 3–Level 2 twice because I'm a trauma nerd), Co-Active Coaching and the Awakened Leadership Institute. Alchemical Alignment is rooted in Somatic Experiencing, Biodynamics and Craniosacral origins. 

On the personal side, I like easeful adventures, making out, pink skies, playing music with friends, and cooking green beans on the stovetop. I believe togetherness is the medicine we've so desperately been seeking and pleasure is the power that will heal the planet. But for both to happen sustainably, we need to learn deep and true consent... consent that's rooted in reverence, attunement, desire and the very grown up ability to say no and accept no... for the sake of a mutually turned on YES. I know we can do it. Let's get to it. Together. 

Big big love,

PS–If now doesn't feel like the right time or I don't feel like the right guide, there's no shame in that. I 100% trust your gut to discern and know what's best for you.

Let's make this super consensual...
Consensual sales is one of my deepest values when it comes to doing this work. 

I'm 100% committed to creating a safe and right-fit environment for everyone who joins the Academy... way more than "making a sale".

You're not a "sale" to me. 

You're a human with a desire to heal. 
I'm a human with a certain skill set. 

I'm devoted to working with the people whose need overlaps with my skill set – and referring out whenever my gut or professional discernment says we might not be a right fit.

That's why I talk to every person who wants to join the Sisterhood before hand.

On our call, we'll get clear on exactly where you are, where you want to be, and the kind of support that would be most meaningful and effective for you.

You can ask me any and every question you have.

And we'll feel into if it's a wholehearted yes for us both, before we move forward together. 

Because you deserve that.
(We both do.)

And good Goddess, it feels so much better than any other option.
The next Sex After Trauma Sisterhood begins in 2019.

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Rachael Maddox, 2017
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