Short Email Magic


I want to be crystal clear about my email policy so you can know… if you’re getting a short response from me, it’s not because I don’t love the shit outta you.

It’s because I care about you and me equally – and want to ensure that I actually respond.

Here’s the scene:

Picture me entering my Inbox with about 30 minutes to read and reply to whatever’s there before moving onto other parts of my job. Upon arrival, I’m greeted by at least 3 long, beautiful heart-spills from clients, colleagues and friends. My heart wants to sit down and spend a good long while replying to each, but I don’t have that space, so I freeze. I star the email. I swear I’m going to come back to it when I have more time. But that time never arrives. So it takes 10 days… or two months… to reply. And then I feel like an asshole. And then you feel unimportant. Neither of which are true.


I’m committed to sending short email replies.

Even when your response has my heart-strings genuinely wanting to write a soliloquy in response…

Short. Simple. Sincere. That’s what you’ll receive from me.

Because then I’ll actually reply in a timely manner.

Because then you’ll get to know that you matter to me, and I’ll get to know I’m in integrity with my care… and my limits.

So… short and sweet. What you can expect from me. Because love… and sanity.

Thanks for getting it.





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