I want you to know the sexual healing I know.

I want you to know the sexual healing I know.
His hand quivered above my heart. His eyes rest gently on mine. We weren’t sure what we’d find in this tender dark. But we decided to go in together.

By the end of the night, we’d laughed, we’d cried, we’re roared, we’d sighed. We remembered something ancient and good. Something like lineage. Something pure and feral, sweaty and sweet, all in one.

It took a long time to get to this kind of connected, authentic, safe, sweaty sex. Honest and aligned. True and innocent. Sage and wild. Whole.

I went through years of toxic fears and trauma running my sexual show. Chronic pain. Chronic doubt. Chronic silence. Chronic overriding of my truth.

I’m not the only one who has these stories. Stories of planting a seed of desire in the dark, hoping hoping hoping it would grow into something beautiful, only to discover the soil it was planted in had toxic trauma that needed to be cleansed, only to discover it would require regular tending and care to repair the damage that’d be done, only to discover this devotion wasn’t impossible, but was difficult, and guidance would be needed. Only to discover that there are ways we can reclaim healthy sexuality so truly – ways that spill over into our creativity, our capacity, our confidence, our call.

Dear human, I want you to know that the parts of you that have been mistreated, disrespected and disregarded, can be re-collected and placed on the altar. For prayers. For blessings. For cleansing. For witnessing. For honoring. For grieving. For retrieving.

You deserve to feel like all of you is holy. Even the profane. Even the weeping. Even the insatiably powerful, the lustfully creative. Even the too much. Even the not enough.

You deserve to feel safe and sacred and seen. Even in between worlds when the bottom’s fallen out and you’re not sure yet what’s good ground and what’s illusion.

Sex After Trauma is a book of honest stories and soulful strategies for unshaming and reclaiming all of you. Because you deserve rapture and pleasure and togetherness that’s beyond your wildest dreams.

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Sending you so very much love today.

I’m so grateful to be with you. That we’re turning tides together.


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