Safety amidst uncertainty? Don’t cling to false security.

Hey brazen souls,
Over the last few weeks I’ve been getting hit from lots of angles – my parents, my besties, my clients, my own sweet self – all asking the same question:

What will happen to our human family amidst the collapse of the world as we know it? The future feels unpredictable and shaky. How will we stay safe?

Some people are clinging to the ways of the old world, leaving their creative ambitions and seeking out more stable nine-to-fives, familiar landscapes, traditional paths. My parents sent me slews of LOVELY text messages, begging that I seek out a wealthy man to take care of me. (Sigh.)

Then there’s this other group of people – the intrepid, the trailblazers, the wild ones, the ones who know they can’t turn back…

We are asking, how do we birth something radically sustainable and gloriously innovative from the darkness of this crazy birth canal?

We are asking, what will be my role in giving life to the vision of my heart?

We are asking, who else is on this path, come hell or high water, and how can I connect with them in stronger, more resilient, co-generative ways?

We are feeling discomfort in the liminal unknown. We are praying a whole lot more. We are trusting the mysterious dark. We are finding each other underground and forming a net of strength, hand-to-hand, heart-to-heart.

We are not giving in to the shock-doctrine tactics of the current political regime that would make us shaky, hazy or weak. We are creating safe distance from unsafe behavior (while simultaneously not burying our heads in the sand) so we can stay clear, in choice and empowered. We are sending resources when and where they’re needed, when and where we have them.

It may be true that there will be a split in the near future between those of us devoted to birthing something beautiful out of the chaos of the world, and those of us who fall in line with the ways of the old world – not out of desire, but out of fear.

It may also be more complicated, less reductionistic, not so either-or.

But either way, each of us, in both the intimacy of our personal lives and the responsibility of our vocational lives, constantly come face-to-face with a central choice-point:

Will I cling to false security out of fear, or let go and let my soul rise into its truer, more creative, trusting call?

It’s not easy to trust in the dark. It’s way easier to cling to false security. We all do it. No shame.

And… here’s my wish for us all:

May we find the people who are also willing to be brave in troubled times and cast intentions, spells, devotional commitments together.

May we talk to each other constantly about how to birth more possibility in the dark.

May we hold each other to a standard of hope, integrity and wholehearted alignment.

May we be kind about our limitations, and stay on each other’s sides no matter the choices we each make.

We will never be brave enough alone. But united, we can form a momentum of health big enough to be a viable alternative to the collapse of our time. I believe we are that momentum, and I’m grateful for each of you.

I love you so much.
Feel free to hit reply if this resonates or you just wanna share where you are with your faith in the dark.


PS – It’s a ways out (gotta finish this book! so much writing over here!) but next year I’ll be co-teaching a ReBloom Facilitator Training that will give you MEGA FOUNDATIONAL SKILLS for cultivating in-person momentums of health, tight knit communities of possibility, and viable alternatives to systemic collapse. That are sexy, intimate and fun. Praise goddess. Feel free to leave a comment and lemme know if that calls to you! xo

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