A soul-deep madlibs for saying “No.”


Sometime last November, I mumbled to myself and my besties, “I think NO is my word for 2017…” I didn’t ritualize it or tattoo it to my forehead, but apparently, my subconscious got the memo because I’ve said NO to more things this year than probably ever before.

NO to the kind of work that didn’t totally turn me on.
NO to romantic situations that compromised my truest desires.
NO part-way through energetic contracts that just weren’t a right fit.
NO to pretending I can do it all alone.
NO to living in a place that felt stifling and constrictive.

It’s been a bit of a bootcamp, but I’m really grateful for it.

My NO’s have been making way for more hot-and-heavy yeses… dreamy teamwork, soulmate clients, relationships that are deeply reverential and gorgeous, time to hang out on the beach and read books in bed like the good old days…

We all know the power of NO, but aren’t always great at accessing it. So I’ve created us both a lil Madlibs for Saying “No.”

It’s the inside job part… the pre-conversation portion of things.

‘Cause if you know your WHY, the how gets surprisingly clear, surprisingly fast.

Here we goooo….


{Feel free to copy paste the text below into your own document, an email to a friend, or send it to me… I’ll congratulate each and every one of you who replies!}

Today, if I say no to _____________, I’ll have more space for _____________.

Which reminds me of that time I thought I could NEVER say no to _____________, but then I did! And within ___________ [minutes, hours, days, weeks] ____________ came along.

You know, I’ve been really afraid to say no to ____________ lately. I’ve bought into the illusion that _____________. But the truth is _____________.

If I were a total jedi at saying no, and could do it in a way that was both honest, loving and clear, I’d probably _____________ [write it on a paper airplane and fly it to her house / practice on a friend then just call him up / simply walk away, no words needed].

In fact, if I let myself say no to ____________ [the thing I’ve been really afraid to say no to lately], I think in the end I’d feel ____________. It would probably also really improve _____________ [my mental health / my relationship with so-and-so / my bottom line].

The big FEAR that I have to be willing to experience in order to let myself say no is ___________ [being alone FOREVAH / losing this friendship / feeling my feelings].

Okay. I think I can stomach that. Because if I DON’T say no, if I swallow a half-hearted yes, that’ll most likely lead to ____________ [resentment / burn out / frustration].

I can do this. I will do this. I’m doing this.

Today, I’m saying no to _____________, _____________, and _____________…. for the sake of _____________, ____________, and __________.

You know, I think I’ll call _____________ for some extra cheerleading & congratulating. Heck, maybe he/she wants to play along!

Here’s to saying NO for the sake of more space for my juicy YES. 

Congratulations, friends! Way to make some empowered choices. I’m rooting for you, all the way.

Big love,

PS:: For real, I’d love to read your madlibs. Feel free to send ’em my way. rachael@rachaelmaddox.com

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