A Love Letter … A Real One. About Changing the World Economy & Fear & Sunrises & Integration

[I’m sharing with you today a love letter I wrote to a friend last night (with his permission). I was up until 1:30, wound with inspiration and energy, wishing we could talk on the phone, but he was on the East coast, and I, the West. So I took my pen to the paper, old fashioned style, and said every last thing I could. I’ve enclosed this here mostly because it’s a true snap shot of where I am, what I believe, and where I’m headed. And it feels like the kind of magic you just might want to know. Plus… it’s beautiful. PLUS… trying to write how-to blog posts or I’m-the-expert articles just doesn’t feel yummy. Love letters, though? GUSH.

ALSO–If you took one hour to listen to THIS INTERVIEW, which is referenced below, I PROMISE you’ll be so exceptionally glad and inspired. Best thing I’ve heard in a year.]


Dear [beautiful friend],

We’re slotted to talk on Tuesday night and it’s Sunday night now. I can’t wait. I’ve been trying to write “blog posts” all day about… well, basically about everything in that permaculture interview you sent me with Ethan Huges in MO.

It’s wild… the more I leap (or tip toe) into the territory of my heart’s true call, the more hopeful I feel, the more powerful and alive. Does that happen for you, too?

Once I got rid of my prices for my business (isn’t that funny that business has “busi” in it?)… okay, anyway–once I dropped my prices, my whole world opened up. Not only do I have more clients than ever before, but I LOVE talking about sacred economics with them when we begin working together. It’s actually my FAVORITE part of my whole job right now, and that feels telling in terms of the direction I ought to keep moving in.

I love saying to people that I trust them and their inherent worth irregardless of how much money they have or give me. I love telling them that it’s a gift to be present with them in such an intimate place. I love how TRUE it feels to say, and how saying it makes it feel MORE true. I love the transformation that happens in those first two minutes alone. I love that already there’s a wholehearted trust that simply could not be bought, but could only be given in the safety of deep generosity. I love that this is my practice and the people who find me, find me because it’s their practice, too–to unwind from the myth that we can be bought and sold. That life is all about commodification of soul.

I’m writing this to you because I get the sense that you understand the kind of momentum that wild devotion like this builds. And then also the necessity to remember to still move at a natural pace, and not try to force the next sunrise.

I imagine a sunrise of sacred economics becoming a widespread “money modality” in the coaching industry. I imagine teaching and writing on the topic–doing my part in an industry that’s ripe with idealism and spirituality, but less full of models for alternative economic structures that work. I imagine leading and guiding without radical exclusiveness or negativity toward the status quo, but with love and encouragement that anyone can come and create a little more sacredness, a little more naturalness around money, in a way that feels good and natural to them.

I imagine a sunrise of living somewhere where I can continue feeling the joy and aliveness of generosity and naturalness in community, in love, in home, in communion with the earth.

I imagine making gorgeous movies of people like you turning lawns into farms… I imagine a whole generation of lawns turning the page of a new humanity.

My dreams grow so large, so quickly. I’m like a massive weather system–a whole coastal storm. But I’d like to be a storm of possibility–like a crisp fall day, sunshiney and inspiring. I’d like to awaken the dreamers in humanity and give them simple real tools to become alive and joyful doers.

I feel like I’m becoming the integrated revolutionary I’ve always wished for. Spirit and practice. Politics and poetics. Intimacy and infastructure. Land and new language for understanding an ancient way.

I know you are a brother in this movement… and those words don’t seem loving or beautiful enough to express what I truly mean, which is: thank you. Thank you for being someone who is devoted to the path of natural joy and love. It helps me so much just to know you’re out there being you.

I miss you. I love you. I respect and admire you. I think of you in wonderful motion–connecting dots and people, seeds and earth, opportunity and action. And doing so with kindness and care.

I won’t pretend that tonight, in particular, I’m not wondering how our heart paths would cross if we were closer to each other on the Earth. I’m not beyond or above my want for a partner in magic.

When you visited I was days out of a pretty monumental break up and months away from the courage of more natural joy. I think I felt your altruism, your raw humble approach to life, and felt scared. I still have heaps of fear, of course, but I know now more than ever that there’s a magic in simplifying and decommodifying–and I want to continue surrendering to the security of the Earth and genuine relating, over the security of the dollar bill.

I must do so slowly and gently (and joyfully!) for even writing those words, my core shakes and rattles a bit. What–that I cling to now with such fury, addiction and fear–will I slowly and gently begin to unclench from the more I lean into the simple natural easy difficult brave love that wants to live through me?

I don’t know. But I want to find out. And I’d love to count you as a friend and confidant on the journey.

Thank you for your courage and your heart. I think of you often with appreciation and deep gladness.

With love like stars,


3 Comments on “A Love Letter … A Real One. About Changing the World Economy & Fear & Sunrises & Integration”

  1. Hello Rachael,

    Thank you for sharing the interview with Ethan. It remains one of the most positive and inspirational conversations I’ve had with someone to date. Have you heard the follow-up with Ethan from 2013?

    1. Scott,

      I listened to the interview Rachael shared and I would love to hear the follow up interview. Can you share the link with us here? Thank you for the work you do to connect all of us to amazing permaCULTURE that is so inspiring.


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