Your magic’s in the mud.

After years of learning how to keep your shoes clean
How to press your appearance
How to button yourself together
I beg the question–
Are your insides lit up?
Does your belly feel vibrant?
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On crying + trying + the magic of giving up.

I’m at Burning Man, crying about a good bit of heartbreak, when my awesomely scientifically-minded friend looks at me, cock-eyed, and says in her British accent:

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Becoming Fire

It’s the night before Independence Day and I’m in Colorado alone. I technically have a home waiting for me, but we all know how that goes–the things that wait we don’t always want. I … Read More

Because You Are Able

just go all the way.
far past your limits and comfort and usual standards.
go because you know, in earnest,
that you’ll never really discover your favorite version of
being alive
if you
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