Reclaiming love. A story and an offer.

Reclaiming Love. A story and and offer

“What’s your sexual shadow?” she asked me. “Well that depends on what you consider a shadow,” I said back…

“Hmmm… I suppose any part of yourself that you feel ashamed about, like it has to stay hidden, like the power of it would be too much or get you in trouble if you really let yourself have it.”

Then I told her a story about that one time when I went to a sex party and everyone was sharing their mildest and wildest dreams for the night as part of the opening circle. Lots of fantastical kinky scenes were floating around, and I completely lost my shit and voice. I was the only person in the group of 30 that didn’t say an answer.

I couldn’t. I was silent-crying with my face in my arms.

I didn’t want any of the wild things people were describing.

No – my wildest dream for the night felt horrifically, utterly, devastatingly shameful…

I wanted to make love.

They say shame grows in isolation. Lucky for me, I know for a fact that I’m not the only one in this spot. Over and over again I see this same thing with the people I work with… a fear to admit that what they really want, deep down, is l-o-v-e LOVE.

When we have histories of our core need for safe love being neglected or violated, it can feel so incredibly vulnerable to reclaim just how much it matters to us that we really feel and experience care, attention, presence, affection, kindness, connection… love.

And then, once we admit just how much we want it, we’re left with a new frontier… How the hell do I get it?

How do I stop feeling so rejected by romantic prospects, or finally start meeting ones that are a good fit?
How do I feel less needy, while also feeling more fulfilled?
How do I create more opportunities for myself to experience community, connection and mutual care so I’m not so dependent on one romance to tick all my boxes?
How do I have reasonable expectations for people, without settling for sub-par relationships?

These are super real questions, that to me, are too big for a blog post!

Because cultivating safe love in your life is about so much more than thoughts or ideas. 

It’s about doing practices that re-orient you to your creative power, your undeniable worth, and the unbreakable love already inside you.

I’ve created a 4-part experiential learning lab on Reclaiming Love After Trauma.

It starts in one week, on November 2nd, and we’ll go through 4 core lessons LIVE on video conferencing, with opportunities for coaching and Q+A.

Each lesson is two hours long, and includes powerful corresponding practices that will help you unshame and reclaim healthy, safe, empowered love. {In a trauma-informed way, of course.}

  • Lesson 1 :: Love + Power. Who’s holding the keys to your temple? A power retrieval practice that sets everybody free.
  • Lesson 2 :: Love + Worthiness. Your Pie Chart of Healthy Needs. A way to be more receptive AND discerning.
  • Lesson 3 :: Love + Pleasure. Your Personal Pussy Oracle + the simplest solo sex magic practice on earth. {That’s trauma-informed + safe!}
  • Lesson 4 :: Love + Sex. Integrating power, worthiness + pleasure in the relational field. Dancing in right relationship.

Times + Dates :: All classes are 5-7pm PST.

  • 11/2 :: Lesson 1
  • 11/7 :: Lesson 2
  • 11/14 :: Lesson 3
  • 11/16 :: Lesson 4

Calls are hosted on Zoom (video conference) and RECORDED + sent out after each lesson, in case you miss it or would like to re-listen later.

The cost: $200

Want in?

These practices have opened big doors in my love life and community life over the last few months. I feel more confident, discerning, clear, able to receive the gifts that are actually available to me {as opposed to resenting what’s not showing up} and… grateful. Held. Supported. Loved.
I’d love to help you reclaim more healthy love in your life, too.

Either way, know this: your desire for love, your NEED for love… is so incredibly normal and good. And utterly available to you.

love love love,

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  1. Hey I’m on the page for Reclaiming Love and the PayPal link takes me to the paypal website but doesn’t auto populate how to pay you. It just shows me my account info but nothing about you.

    1. Hey Margaret,

      thanks so much for letting us know! It’s fixed now and working 🙂 Let us know if you’ve got any more problems with it…

      Looking forward to seeing you in the Masterclass!

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