The back story behind this new offering.

Over the last few years, as my business has zeroed in more on trauma resolution, I get regular calls and emails from peers seeking guidance and support around mis-steps and challenges in their own practices. From triggered or dissociated clients, to inconsistent business success, I’ve become a sort of secret on-call advisor for countless coaches.

I love to offer what I can in those moments, but I also often think in the back of my mind that I’d rather provide something more sustainable by way of support.

I’ve gone back and forth on what that could be – a big class, a full-on training program, a podcast – but every time, I get stuck on this truth:

There’s no way to be an excellent ethical trauma resolution practitioner without experiencing excellent, ethical trauma resolution yourself. 

In other words, an inside-out approach is needed:

You become medicine by alchemizing your own density.

You receive that which you’ll one day give.

You’re tended to in a way that teaches you how to tend to others.

I’m grateful to say I’ve received truly phenomenal guidance, mentorship and healing facilitation over the last decade (details below), and now, I feel ready to offer my medicine to those who are ready to strengthen their own.

I bring compassion, rigor, safety, ritual, soul, embodiment, systemic perspective and sound structure to all of my group and one-on-one clients.

In the new year, I’d love to bring this medicine to you in the inaugural ReBloom Your Business if you’re an experienced coach ready for three big things:

1. To become a more powerful trauma-informed guide, getting your clients more effective, long-term results.
2. To transform your own trauma or stuck-points and emerge into greater vitality and clarity from heart to soul, head to toe.
3. To cultivate a sustainable body-based business that’s prosperous and healthy.

The Format:

January 22, 2019 – June 25, 2019

You’ll receive:

8 one-on-one sessions with me, 12 small group experiential lessons, the opportunity to do peer-to-peer coaching calls to practice the skills you’re learning, and a whole host of extra resources I’ve been gathering and creating over the years.

  • 1 two-hour intake, from which a multiple-page personalized coaching program will be created just for you
    • We’ll explore, in depth, where you are in your life and business (sex, money, love, body, soul, home, community, leadership… you name it), what you’re wanting most, where you’re getting chronically stuck, and what developmental muscles could actually help you evolve into a new way of being.
    • Then I’ll go into my cave and write you your personalized coaching program.
    • This is an intimate, empowering structure that we’ll refer back to and continue to work with over our 6-month journey together.
    • By receiving your own personal coaching program, you’ll also learn how to create programs for your clients, and implement this effective structure into your current coaching practice, if you’d like.
  • 7 90-minute coaching sessions over Zoom, or in person if you’re local to the San Diego area
    • Each session topic will be unique to you and your developmental goals, but you’ll experience a mash-up of modalities including:
      • Alchemical Alignment for embodiment of spirit and trauma resolution
      • Integral-informed coaching for developmental growth from one way of being, doing, thinking to a more coherent and fulfilling way of being, doing, thinking
      • The ReBloom Method for holistic embodied wisdom, trust and vitality in sex, love and community

Eight coaches will travel together over this six month’s time in an experiential, educational setting for growing your trauma-informed skills and body-based businesses.

These group calls will contextualize and strengthen the experiences you’re having in our one-on-one work, as well as grow your capacity to be a phenomenal guide with a nourishing business.

Group calls will always be on Tuesday from 10am – 12pm PST.

Working with Trauma Lessons (7 Total)

2 hours once a month, we’ll dive into the core skills for facilitating safe and powerful trauma resolution: 

  • The ABC’s of trauma-informed transformation – Attunement, Body-First, Consent/Cooperation, Doability, Trust. Learning how to facilitate human-speed, body-based healing.
  • Personal & Systemic Trauma Spells – Working with the 7 Core Wounds & their corresponding Blueprints of Health. Contextualizing, rather than bypassing, systemic trauma, as grounds for deeper healing.
  • Moves & attitudes for dancing in the dark – Invitational language, pendulation, titration, resourcing, presence, compassion + more. Growing skills to facilitate safe and powerful change.
  • Amplifying the field of health – …in yourself, your clients and your practice. Practicing the ethos of shifting momentum from emergency to capacity, speed to stability, over-expansion/collapse to sustainable expansion/rest and digest.
  • Nervous System Essentials Part 1 – The functions of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) and increasing capacity and window of presence. Educating your clients about the science of physiology to unshame where they’re at, and working with the ANS to cultivate more empowered, holistic results.
  • Nervous System Essentials Part 2 – Emergency responses, boundary repairs and transforming triggers. Reawakening dormant protective instincts to heal the energetic field and help prevent traumatic reoccurrences.
  • Allowing Shame, Grief and Rage – How to be with bigger emotions or states in a way that honors them fully, while also making way for alchemy.
Body-Based Business Lessons (6 Total)

2 hours once a month, I’ll offer you my very best body-based business council in the following workshop-like lessons:

  • Scope of practice – Safety first! Assessing core competencies for offering safe, empowered care. Because honoring what you don’t know or don’t want to work with is the biggest safety move you can make – for both your clients and yourself.
  • Transference, counter-transference & ethics – Keepin’ it clean in trauma land, y’all. A sound compass for working with challenging situations.
  • Making visible your invisible medicine – There are three places where people usually get stuck with honoring and sharing their gifts: seeing their true medicine clearly, structuring their medicine soundly (so other’s are safe taking it), or packaging their medicine in a way that’s resonant and aligned. We’ll go through all three.
  • Structure is the secret sauce – Your clients feeling HELD in an effective, clear container that you’re confident works is one of the most important factors in creating a safe, trusting space (for you BOTH). We’ll discover your emergent effective container, and help you communicate it in a way that’s clear and sound.
  • Coherent Marketing – Is all of you on board with your current marketing methods, as well as what you’re marketing? Are your offerings and how you’re offering them aligned to the ethos of embodied trust?
  • ConSensual Sales Calls – Please throw away the crap you’ve learned about pressure-based enrollment. It’s predatory and not who you really are. You can do sales based on if the connection between you and someone else feels SAFE, DOABLE and IDEAL. I’ll teach you how, with a rubric and everything.

While this won’t be mandatory, as we go, there may be lessons that you’d like to integrate more deeply through peer-to-peer practice calls. I’ll suggest easeful and nourishing ways of doing so, then let you self-organize from there.


Professionally recorded meditations, movement practices, printable trauma resolution PDFs – the works. I’ve got ’em. I’mma give ’em. Generously. With love.

Also, you’ll receive upwards of 8 unreleased Sex After Trauma interviews, as well as a Talking Systemic Trauma interview with inclusion Coach & Guide Andréa Ranae Johnson. Because our healing is both incredibly personal and incredibly cultural. We can acknowledge and address both.


Over 6 months time, you’ll have about one 90-minute session or lesson per week, with some weeks off to rest, digest and integrate. The breakdown is: a one-on-one with me once or twice a month, a Working with Trauma lesson once a month, and a Body-Based Business lesson once a month. Plus opportunities to practice with your peers.


The Investment:


$1000/month for 6 months.

Or $750/month for 8 months. (Option expires Dec 10, 2018.)

Or $5500 if paid in full.

Payments begin when you say yes. 🙂

Who this is an ideal program for:

Coaches, therapists, facilitators or guides who meet most of the following criteria:

  • 2 years minimum practice with current ongoing clients
  • Certification / completion of a professional coaching training / healing practitioner program
  • A passion for holistic healing and human evolution
  • Loves to learn through experience and hands-on application
  • Already an excellent coach, facilitator, teacher, but wanting to deepen your craft and/or fill in your gaps
  • A strong desire for radical transformation but in a gentle, body-based way
  • In need of a detox from toxic business strategies that are killing your adrenals and depressing your soul
  • Maybe you’ve got some trauma facilitation skills, but want to improve and go deeper with them
  • Maybe your body is begging you to align your business to a more sustainable, human-speed
  • Maybe you’ve been around for awhile, but still haven’t figured out easeful prosperity and want intimate support stepping into that place so you can give your gifts in the world without all the stress or overwhelm
  • Maybe you haven’t worked through some of those traumatic skeletons in your closet… maybe, sorta, ehhh… (Do I have to?!?!) and feel weird about holding space for others to do what you haven’t done yourself
  • OR…
  • Maybe you need a place to be seen and celebrated as the Majesty you’ve grown into! (Yum. Your power is WELCOME here.)
  • Desiring ethical, clean, clear, loving guidance that believes in and helps you amplify your medicine in the world
  • Ready to or currently devoted to a daily practice of embodied spiritual grounding
  • Team-player (I’m thinking of this as a professional and personal development cohort – rooting each other on is part of the medicine)
  • Wanting to increase your sustainable health in every area of your life: love, sex, money, business, embodiment, community, home, relationships
  • Here to unlearn and dismantle systems of oppression in yourself and our world, so we can ReBloom something healthy from our collective soil

People of all genders, races, sexual orientations and abilities are invited to be part of this experience. Your sense of comfort and safety will be centered and honored. 



If your heart says yes and your body says, ‘mmmmmm’, then fill out the form below. I’ll reach back around within 2 business days. If it seems like we could be a great fit, we’ll hop on a zero-pressure feeler call to get to know each other better, and go from there.

I love you.

I’m excited.

Here’s to ReBlooming together.




My Training:

I am a professionally certified Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and Alchemical Alignment trauma resolution practitioner. I’ve also been trained in mindfulness meditation facilitation through the Awakened Leadership Institute, and was a teacher with the Courageous Living Coach Certification for 3 years.

I’ve worked with hundreds of humans on developmental or sexual trauma – in one-on-one, group, retreat, workshop and immersion settings. I learn something new every single session.

Long-term mentors and guides:

I worked with Brigit Viksnins for over two years doing both in-person and virtual body-based trauma resolution work. I also took her training called Alchemical Alignment – it was the most healthy and grounded, sage and realigning educational experience. In her care, I became intimate with the inner-workings of the nervous system, and how to facilitate a return to vital regulation and health.

I worked with Chela Davison through two long-term Integral Coaching programs. She was the President of Integral Coaching Canada and is one of the smartest humans I know. Able to tease out developmental needs and edges with rigor, curiosity, love and sheer brilliance. Chela taught me everything I know about structuring a coaching program that’s both personalized and incredibly effective.

I received guidance from Jen Lemen for over a decade. With devotion and consistency, she taught me about togetherness, ritual, seasons and cycles, grief and loss, play and wildness, privilege and oppression, and how to be a human of the world.

What others are saying about working with me:

“Rachael’s capacity to create a space that feels truly safe is one of my favorite things about working with her. She never pushes too fast. And in allowing me to be in that safe space with her, she’s guided me to go deeper with processing traumatic events than I have in five years of traditional therapy. Her gentleness makes the access available.” –T.P.

“Rachael takes you to the edge of what you’ve allowed yourself to explore and then gently guides you deeper–safely, even if it’s scary. Together, we touched the places that I was too terrified to touch on my own and I’m experiencing new light I never thought I would. I am forever grateful for her wisdom, love, and magic.” — L.C.

“I can’t believe it was just a couple of months, because I feel SO transformed through Rachael’s group program and retreat. I’ve reclaimed my power and I feel brave enough to honor my no’s, and because of that my inner child is coming back to play and my Grown Goddess is here to keep her safe.” – N.B.

“Working with Rachael is a no brainer. Literally. She deftly helps tease out embodied wisdom – something rarely tapped into. Before working together, I felt stuck in old fear patterns at the cellular level. Rachael masterfully helped me update my embodied responses through radical acceptance and by helping me integrate my feminine desires into my forward path. Rachael approaches her craft artfully and with grace, and lives the core truth and power of her teachings. She’s a true force of light and has helped me expand into a more powerful, integrated, and peaceful way of being.” – J.Q.

“Rachael’s program is hands down the best experience I’ve had doing this type of work in a group setting. Before I went I was very nervous and apprehensive about a group experience in such tender territory. What makes this program different is Rachael’s capacity to create a space that is truly safe, totally choice-driven (no force in activities, you can participate as much or as little as you want) that creates a sense of freedom and a container that results in incredible change for every single person in such a short time. I feel so much more aligned with my needs and desires, and feel equipped with the tools to navigate my life from a place of choice and power, even if I’m triggered. Work with this woman. I promise you will never be the same.” – A.N.

“I think what has been MOST helpful in this process is the amazing permission you’ve given us all to take this at our own pace. Acknowledging that dissociation & checking out are normal responses to this kind of stuff has allowed me to stay connected, rather than feeling shamed and alienated as I have in past group settings. Giving me the space to be where I’m at is the best support possible. I appreciate you and your wonderful team so much!!!!” – E.B.