4 Keys to ReBlooming Your Sexuality

4 Keys to ReBlooming Your Sexuality

Hey beautiful people,

In this 45-minute video, my soul sister Ann Nguyen and I talk all about the 4 Keys to ReBlooming Your Sexuality:

  • Safety
  • Self-Consent
  • Sensual Connection
  • Celebration!

We keep it SUPER REAL and give examples from our personal lives and professional practices.

If you’re wanting sage guidance about re-entry into the world of sexuality, perhaps give yourself a lil time to tune in.

(If you’re on the run and prefer audio, here’s the audio-only version.)

Ann and I are co-hosting a ReBloom Your Sexuality workshop July 11-14 in San Diego at my lil brown house by the sea and there are 3 spaces remaining. (We’re keeping it to an intimate 12 participants!)

We’re gonna…

  • Do rituals at the ocean (60 second walk from the front door)
  • Unshame and revive your truest sensual identity
  • Engage movement and mantras that connect you to health on every level
  • Help you design your at-home life for sustained and ongoing pleasure
  • Enhance your sense of embodied safety
  • Practice self-consent over and over again
  • Do deep work around healthy boundaries
  • Release past pain
  • Playyyy in epic sensuality rituals
  • Eat ecstatically
  • Dance!
  • Vaginal steam
  • Ask alll the questions about sex
  • Honor and celebrate and love each other exactly where we’re at… 
  • Encourage each other to say yes to exactly what we truly want…
  • … and more!

Here’s the link to register. If you’ve got questions or wanna have a chat to feel it out, feel free to press reply and share away. I’m here. <3 

Big love.

So much.



PS – I’m not feeling very salesy these days. I just want to be quiet and write, paint, take long walks, stare into the eyes of my beloved, stare at the stars, drink iced tea. Summer stuff. But I do want to say this – long ago, I felt almost allergic to sex. Like it was this scary world of shitty things that I couldn’t really enter into without DANGER DANGER DANGER. For real. I wore turtlenecks ALL THE TIME. THEN, after that phase ended, I cut all the neck-lines off my shirts and dove head-first into the world of taboo sexuality. Sex, drugs & rock n’ roll style. Hypo to hyper. It’s a thing.

It’s been a long-road home to a place where I can let love all the way in without collapsing my erotic nature. Where I can be both sexy and safe, wild and cared for – all at once – both with myself and with my beloved. 

I haven’t walked this road to safe sexuality alone. I’ve had guides. Sisters. Aunties. Teachers. Healers. Friends. Boyfriends. Girlfriends. Workshops. Rituals. Books. Songs. Nature! Whole entire communities of people. I’ve had a lot of experiences that put me on the path to a regulated relationship to sex (and love!). Sometimes it’s been endless tears, other times, rolling orgasms. It’s been worth it all. Because for real, right now, right this very minute, I am in the most healthy sex and love relationship of my life – and I owe it to this wild healing journey I’ve taken. 

So… if you’re over there wondering, Can’t I just do this shit alone? Together is so so vulnerable. I’m not tryina be salesy when I say, I don’t think that’s how this sexual healing stuff works. It absolutely happens with others. Just sometimes, it’s hard to find others who are equipped at helping us have safe healing experiences. Just sometimes, the others we need are the ones who tell us we can wear the turtleneck for another decade, or maybe, just maybe, dance in it. 

If you’re ready. If it’s time. If you know you gotta be here. Come? Take a chance on yourself? Make the investment? You’re worth it. <3

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