The ReBloom Coach Training is an advanced educational training program for experienced coaches passionate about bringing safe and soulful trauma resolution skills to their clients and our world. 

Depth. Quality. Community. Integrity. Love.

  • Beautiful humans,

    I remember years ago, laid out on my teacher Brigit’s table, having a moment of truth between me and my destiny…

    We were on our fourth session together, and I’d experienced more felt-sense transformation in those four sessions than I’d experienced in years of ongoing coaching or therapy.

    The whispers were clear: teach coaches how to work with trauma. They need to know how this stuff works and how it transforms instead of spinning their wheels with only cognitive approaches to change.

    Since that mystical day on Brigit’s table, I’ve become a devotee to the art and soul of transforming trauma into trust, fear into faith and stuckness into steady sustainable momentums of health and abundance… in my own life, and the lives of the hundreds of humans I’ve worked with.

I am so wildly passionate about offering safe, effective and deep guidance that works. And I am beyond honored and excited to pay forward all I’ve learned – both from my teachers and mentors, as well as my 10 years experience coaching.

If you are an experienced coach ready to deepen your capacity to serve your clients and our world with powerful trauma-informed care, I’d love to explore the possibility of working together.

My students are humans who…

  • Are naturally gifted coaches, intuitives, healers and guides
  • Are lovers and dreamers, creators and mystics, doers and meditators, devotees to Life
  • Perhaps have histories of developmental or sexual trauma
  • Are getting stuck with their clients when they bring trauma their way, wish they could get them deeper, more effective results
  • Mayyyybe have a bit of unresolved trauma themselves that they don’t quite know how to work with, despite all the hours they’ve put in on themselves
  • Believe in both personal growth and community care
  • Are ready to lead (their life, their community, their business)
  • Want to take their coaching skills to the next level – for the sake of their clients, their confidence and their cash flow
  • Believe slow is sexy (even if they chronically rush), the earth can teach us everything we need to know, and the Body is Beloved
  • Love all things soul, ritual, myth, sensual, sublime
  • Are here to unlearn toxic systems of oppression and co-create the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible (h/t Charles Eisenstein)
  • Believe the whole holy point of the coaching industry is to evolve humanity (not exploit clients and practice weird icky marketing ploys)… and are here to be on a Cosmic Dream Team of Integrity and Care

There are 2 Levels to the ReBloom Coach Training. Both Levels include a 4-day in-person workshop in San Diego, and Level 2 deepens and builds upon the learning in Level 1. 


  • Dates: January 16 – May 10

    San Diego Workshop: January 16, 17, 18, 19

    Tuition: $3650 before Oct 8, $4000 after Oct 8 (monthly payment plans and some partial scholarships available)

  • Dates: September 1 – Dec 10, 2020

    San Diego Workshop: Sept 24, 25, 26, 27

    Tuition: $3650 before June 1, $4000 after June 1 (monthly payment plans and some partial scholarships available)

Each Level of the ReBloom Coach Training focuses on 4 key components that comprise a powerful approach to working safely with trauma.

  • The ReBloom Archetypes – 7 Archetypes (that flow together in a synchronous garden metaphor) represent the 7 Natural Blueprints of Health and also the 7 Core Wounds of Humanity. Each Core Wound has a Hyper and Hypo expression or way of manifesting in a person… as well as an essential practice for returning to Health. Each Archetype correlates to a body part, and there are also specific movements and mantras that help bring that Archetype back to its Blueprint after trauma.

    Nervous System Expertise – Understanding the inner-workings of physiology, the nervous system, and neurobiology – then working safely with those things to facilitate somatic (inside-out, bottom up) transformation – is what separates trauma-informed coaching from cognitive behavioral coaching. Trauma is stored embodied emergency energy and requires a body-based approach for healing. When we start with the nervous system, the inner-most layer of human experience, and facilitate small, doable changes, emotions, thoughts, patterns and identity can shift with more ease and efficiency. Learn the essentials to deepen the effectiveness and long-term results of your coaching.

  • Trauma-Informed Care – Once you know WHY it matters that we work on the body-level as we facilitate trauma resolution, it’s time to learn HOW. You’ll learn a range of fundamental trauma-informed practitioner skills including, but not limited to: titration, pendulation, resourcing, attunement, orienting, unconditional positive regard, invitational language, brief and frequent eye contact, safe practitioner-client boundaries, rupture and repair skills, and more.

    Body-Based Business Ethos – You don’t have to succumb to weird, icky industry standards that do business against your values. You can work with your body, your personal development, your unique soul qualities, and your heart’s moral compass to run a business that’s in coherence with everything you preach and practice in-session. And when you DO – you’ll form a sphere of trust within you and around you. Current and prospective clients will FEEL your integrity. Guess what? Integrity is profitable. xo

We begin Level 1 of the ReBloom Coach Training with an in-person 4-day kick-off workshop in San Diego, CA, January 16 – 19, 2020.

Through ritual, story, guided meditation, nervous system lessons, coaching demos, body-based peer-to-peer coaching, and a community spirit weaving everyone together – you’ll receive the fundamentals of the ReBloom Method – not just intellectually, but in your body, heart and soul. You’ll also meet, practice and bond with the cohort of amazing humans studying alongside you, setting you up for the most meaningful 3-month journey.

After our kick-off workshop, we’ll have 3 more months of powerful, interactive online learning, including weekly 2-hour live lessons, weekly homework practices and 4 peer-to-peer coaching sessions.

By the end of Level 1, you will…

  • Feel confident and equipped to meet your clients in their trauma with trust, groundedness, safety and high quality somatic skills
  • Understand foundational nervous system dynamics, and how to safely work with triggers
  • Have practices for powerfully healing the first 5 of 7 Core Wounds of Humanity (Neglect, Exploitation, Shame + Repression, Manipulation + Control and Violence)
  • Know when a client’s needs are beyond your scope-of-practice, and have a grounded system for calling in right-fit clients as well as referring out wrong-fit clients
  • Have a way of talking and teaching about trauma that demystifies it and cultivates profound transformation and change
  • Feel deeply transformed around pieces of your own trauma
  • Grow into potent soul-body-heart coherence in your personal and professional life
  • Develop relationships with other gifted, wise coaches to enrich both your personal and professional life
  • Drastically increase your momentum towards an even more thriving, abundant, healthy body-based business

When Level 1 completes, if you’d like to continue to Level 2, you’ll be required to do 10 ReBloom Coaching sessions with current clients and/or peers in the program, along with self-assessments for each, to deepen your learning and ready yourself for Level 2.

We reconvene for more deep online learning for the first month of Level 2, then conspire for another potent in-person 4-day workshop in San Diego, CA, September 24-27, 2020.

This time, you’ll have the chance to deepen, deepen, deepen…your craft, your calling, your business as devotion, and the relationships you’ve been building with your amazing cohort of ReBloom Coaches!

We’ll dive into healing advanced nervous system difficulties and we’ll dance into the more complex topics of sex after trauma (role play for sexual healing!), transforming isolation into communities of care, advanced boundary repairs, soul embodiment, devotional leadership and collective healing. We’ll also dive deeper into reblooming your money, building a body-based business and joyfully inhabiting the vocation you create!

After our kick-off workshop, we’ll follow the same structure as Level 1, with 3 more months of powerful, interactive online learning, including weekly 2-hour live lessons, weekly homework practices and 4 peer-to-peer coaching sessions.

Applications for Level 2 will be made available in April 2020.

Prerequisites to Level 2 include completion of Level 1 and 10 practice ReBloom Coaching Sessions, with self-assessment for each. 

If you geek out on curriculum, here’s the brief (exciting!) Level 2 overview.

  • Jo Tucker, Reiki Master, Teacher & Coach

    I loved my experience with Rebloom. Rachael is a born teacher- she puts care and dedication into her lessons and delivered more than I expected.

    It was also so healing to connect deeply with other women in the group who were experiencing the same difficulties and breakthroughs that I was, and it felt safe and beautiful to practice and experiment together.

    Before the program I felt ill-equipped to meet people in their deepest trauma, feeling like I had to have all the answers. Now I feel confident dancing in the dark with them, and capable of guiding them towards their own healing with more ease + grace.

    I’d recommend this program to anyone who cares deeply about sustainable, transformative work and creating regenerative community. Rachael is a real one. A real leader. A real lover. A real friend. I was hesitant to join, knowing the monetary and energetic investment was a lot, but I’m so glad I did. It’s been truly transformative from day one.

    Assana Rae, Soul Embodiment Coach

    My experience in ReBloom was great! Even though I’ve done a lot of trauma work, both internally in terms of working with trauma resolution coaches and externally in terms of studying trauma and doing other programs, I feel like this course helped me EMBODY the work unlike anything else.

    I rooted down into mySelf, my truth and my knowledge of my Soul’s essence and medicine. And I was able to step up and into my coaching in a way that I didn’t have the confidence to do before.

    I’d recommend this program to coaches who want to serve their clients at the highest capacity, who want to do no harm, and want to live in right relationship with everything in this universe, and who simultaneously want to be massively transformed in their own life. 

    Ann Nguyen, Sexual Empowerment Coach

    Rachael’s teaching and coaching style is soooo incredible. She has a way of facilitating that is super clear, mega relatable, and that is filled with so many a-ha moments, from soul to science to stories that melt your heart. I can honestly say Rachael and the ReBloom Method are one of the best in the industry for potent, sustainable trauma resolution and empowered healing for us all! I wouldn’t be where I am today without the powerful, safe and sacred healing work and mentorship I’ve received from Rachael.

  • Lisa Nagel, Inherited Trauma Resolution Coach & Guide

    I’m so grateful that I got to be part of the first round of ReBloom! I had been longing to deepen my skills in this area and my brain buzzed with pleasure during each of the lessons.

    Before the program, I felt undernourished and scattered. Now I feel deeply rooted in my leadership skills, nourished and have so much clarity around the seeds I want to keep planting in this world.

    I’d recommend this program to coaches who are ready for a new way of relating, who are looking for practical ways of practicing trauma-informed care in their businesses.

    Rachael is a genius and a wise teacher. Again just SO grateful for all the magic!

    Tiffany Landry, Sex, Love & Relationship Coach

    My experience in Rebloom was beautiful, transformational and deeply healing in such a gentle way. Before this program, I had completed years of personal development and coaching trainings, however this program gently led me to come home to my true self.

    After just a few months in this program, I had friends and colleagues tell me that I looked different, more grounded, confident and present. 

    On a personal note, I saw firsthand how this program led me to a new level of adulthood and healing and guided me towards creating a life that felt really good in my body. 

    I’d highly recommend this program to coaches who want to learn about trauma integration and healing and also to come home to their true self. So grateful!

My Passion:

I love humans. I love our planet. I love us for our broken bits and our glorious bits, and mostly… I believe in us. I believe in our unbreakable magic, the miracles of Life that are laced into every atom of our beings. I believe in (and have witnessed a bajillion times) the power of quality care and connection to change everything. The way a warm hand on a wobbly heart can be the difference between lost and found. The way remembering the intrinsic instincts of your natural intelligence can put you back on track from part-cyborg to soul embodiment. It’s not too late, people. We’re still human. We can reawaken and savor the beautiful parts – in our own lives, our clients lives, our culture, our communities.

But it takes leadership and defiance, skill and patience, devotion, devotion, devotion. It takes taking a stand for something way more meaningful and ALIVE than the personal and collective trauma spells we’ve been stuck under.

That… that’s my passion. Teaching the leaders. Guiding the guides. Helping you remember how to infuse your wild heart with so much trust and capacity, resilience and power… so you can be the Co-Creative Force of Love you were always born to be.

I am here, doing my part, inviting you to join me if our medicines overlap. Because the world is ready for us. We are here for a reason.

Also?… May it be FUN. May it be full of community care and pleasure. May it be juicy and messy and magical and sometimes a lil bit bad. May it be human. May we lay on the Earth and be merry. May we be wilder and wiser, richer and deeper, at the stuff that makes Life so sacred and precious.

May we thrive together, all us Living Things.

My Teaching Style:

As reflected from my previous group of students:

  • Rooted in 10 years of professional coaching experience, trial and error!
  • Organized but very relaxed
  • Thorough and enthusiastic
  • Creative and in-the-moment
  • Full of soul, myth, science and ritual
  • Connected and caring
  • Honoring of human speeds
  • Respectful of your capacity
  • Real AF
  • High integrity
  • Artsy! The workbook is full of magical rubrics, check-lists, and beautiful riffs on deep topics. The altar cards are stunning. The audio transmissions are cosmic.
  • Slow and steady
  • Revolutionary
  • Empowering – I invite you to be wildly self-responsible and a leader of your own learning in this program!

Every single lesson is engaging, interactive and experiential. You can begin working with the skills you learn immediately.

If you’d like to feel me out in real-time, head here for the 4-part ReBloom Your Business video series, or here for a free 2-hour class on ConSensual Sales.

My Training and Experience:

I am a professionally certified Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and Alchemical Alignment Trauma Resolution and Embodiment of Spirit Practitioner. I’ve also been trained in mindfulness meditation facilitation through the Awakened Leadership Institute, and was a teacher with the Courageous Living Coach Certification for 3 years.

Over the last 10 years I’ve worked with hundreds of humans on developmental or sexual trauma – in one-on-one, group, retreat, workshop and immersion settings. I am devoted to the art and craft of deep, safe and effective transformation.

I’ve sold over 20,000 copies of my first book Secret Bad Girl, a sexual trauma memoir and resolution guide, and been interviewed on over 50 podcasts. I am in the process of writing my second book, ReBloom: A soulful system for post-traumatic growth in sex, love and society, and I’m so excited to share it with the world! But first… you get all the magic content in the ReBloom Coach Training!

Long-term mentors and guides:

I worked with Brigit Viksnins for over four years doing both in-person and virtual body-based trauma resolution work. I also took her training called Alchemical Alignment – it was the most healthy and grounded, sage and realigning educational experience. In her care, I became intimate with the inner-workings of the nervous system, and how to facilitate a return to vital regulation and health.

I worked with Chela Davison through two long-term Integral Coaching programs. She was the President of Integral Coaching Canada and is one of the smartest humans I know. Able to tease out developmental needs and edges with rigor, curiosity, love and sheer brilliance. Chela taught me everything I know about structuring a coaching program that’s both personalized and incredibly effective.

I received sage guidance from Jen Lemen for over a decade. With devotion and consistency, she taught me about togetherness, ritual, seasons and cycles, grief and loss, play and wildness, privilege and oppression, and how to be a human of the world.

What past clients have said about working with me:

“Rachael’s capacity to create a space that feels truly safe is one of my favorite things about working with her. She never pushes too fast. And in allowing me to be in that safe space with her, she’s guided me to go deeper with processing traumatic events than I have in five years of traditional therapy. Her gentleness makes the access available.” –T.P.

“I expected we’d hold old hurts and cultivate pleasure in our bodies. I thought there’d be a moment where we’d giggle like school kids and find deep resonance. I expected we’d do all sorts of work around boundaries, consent, and needs. And this was all true. But I didn’t expect to meet a constellation of souls who’d feel like family from the get-go, relationships to extend far beyond four days. I didn’t expect to feel so supremely held, especially in a group, creating sublime conditions for a thousand connections to snap into place, powerfully and gracefully. This looks and feels like wide embodied wisdom, the kind that can hold a person through anything. I didn’t expect my sisters’ victories to *feel* like my own. I didn’t expect to get watered with compliments, hydrated from the roots up, seen in ways I couldn’t see myself. I didn’t expect to receive a whole-self lens on my sexuality, one that evokes the deepest love and most possibility-filled freedom – and not just for me, for us – I’m taking away that wider view. This scratches the very top of the surface. I witnessed miracles and continue to witness miracles. And I would do a ReBloom workshop five times over.” – R.R.

“Rachael takes you to the edge of what you’ve allowed yourself to explore and then gently guides you deeper–safely, even if it’s scary. Together, we touched the places that I was too terrified to touch on my own and I’m experiencing new light I never thought I would. I am forever grateful for her wisdom, love, and magic.” — L.C.

I can’t believe it was just a couple of months, because I feel SO transformed through Rachael’s group program and retreat. I’ve reclaimed my power and I feel brave enough to honor my no’s, and because of that my inner child is coming back to play and my Grown Goddess is here to keep her safe.” – N.B.

“Working with Rachael is a no brainer. Literally. She deftly helps tease out embodied wisdom – something rarely tapped into. Before working together, I felt stuck in old fear patterns at the cellular level. Rachael masterfully helped me update my embodied responses through radical acceptance and by helping me integrate my feminine desires into my forward path. Rachael approaches her craft artfully and with grace, and lives the core truth and power of her teachings. She’s a true force of light and has helped me expand into a more powerful, integrated, and peaceful way of being.” – J.Q.

Rachael’s program is hands down the best experience I’ve had doing this type of work in a group setting. Before I went I was very nervous and apprehensive about a group experience in such tender territory. What makes this program different is Rachael’s capacity to create a space that is truly safe, totally choice-driven (no force in activities, you can participate as much or as little as you want) that creates a sense of freedom and a container that results in incredible change for every single person in such a short time. I feel so much more aligned with my needs and desires, and feel equipped with the tools to navigate my life from a place of choice and power, even if I’m triggered. Work with this woman. I promise you will never be the same.” – A.N.

“I think what has been MOST helpful in this process is the amazing permission you’ve given us all to take this at our own pace. Acknowledging that dissociation & checking out are normal responses to this kind of stuff has allowed me to stay connected, rather than feeling shamed and alienated as I have in past group settings. Giving me the space to be where I’m at is the best support possible. I appreciate you and your wonderful team so much!!!!” – E.B.