Why Self Help is Political and How You Can Be a Real Revolutionary in the Industry

Our industry is full of talk about inciting a personal revolution, joining the movement for such-and-such, and living your biggest greatest most magical powerful life. In this 10 minute audio, I talk about what I think that really means for humans, and how you–as either a coach, spiritual leader, or someone on a path to a better life–can truly embody the love you’re seeking.

In this 10 minute audio:

  • What it really means to incite a personal revolution
  • What we’ve been told everyone wants (money, sex, time) versus what people REALLY want (safety, belonging, joy, purpose)
  • What your parents will tell you when you try to join the movement
  • “If money gives you options, I want more people to have more options. I don’t need to have them all so that some people have none. That’s not the kind of option I want.”
  • The real root of so much of our anxiety as people: doing nothing, not being part of the solution, trying to buy our way to avoidance
  • The power of devoting to something bigger than yourself, devoting to the greatest good for all living things
  • If we’re not braving the humble devotion of being part of the solution to society’s ills, we are missing the point as spiritual leaders, as coaches, and as people on a path to a better life
  • And some insight on what it means to be┬áTribe, or in Lakota, Oyate, and how we can use this practice, this way of being, to truly and fully advance the human family


Please let me know how this resonates. Please offer your truths in the comments. And please, do not be quiet with your love. The time is now for leaders to step forth.

I love you,


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