I’m going on a Podcast Tour!

I'm going on a Podcast Tour

Hello lovely humans.

One of my absolute favorite ways to spread the movement of sexual reclamation & trauma resolution is…  jamming with brilliant people, interview style.

My specialty includes:

Sex after trauma.

(In long-term relationships.

Out on the playing field of dating.

Under the sheets with your very own self.)

Safe and doable pleasure practices in terrifying territory.

Triggers. Boundaries. Finding power and presence amidst emotional intensity.

Identity reclamation. Erotic self-discovery. Whole-self unshaming.

The why’s and what’s of trauma… and how to return to health.

Defying cultural conditioning around sex-negativity and rape culture.

Invoking the magic of consent in everything we do.

I absolutely love jamming about this stuff (+ More!).

I would love to be on your podcast if you know these topics would resonate with and empower your listeners.

Bonus points if our episode can go live between Thanksgiving and Christmas, when I’ll be running a Kickstarter for my new book, Sex After Trauma.

I love doing Kickstarters because they’re like inciting a wildfire MOVEMENT.

And one thing I know for sure is people are Very Scared to talk about sex.

ESPECIALLY sex after trauma.

It’s a conversation that’s sorely missing, but deeply needed.

And it’s a conversation I’ve been having in the privacy of my personal practice with hundreds of women and men every day. And it’s a conversation I’ve been having in the privacy of my personal practice with countless women and men day after day. A conversation I’ve had on dozens of podcasts. And a conversation I would love to have with you.

I’d be totally honored and psyched to light the match together, to spark and spread this movement of holy healing, hope & sexual reclamation with you and your people.

Wanna be part of the fire?

E-mail rachael@rachaelmaddox.com and fold me into your process.

Know a podcast that would be a great fit to host me? Tagging them or forwarding this post their way would be endlessly appreciated!

Don’t have a podcast, specifically, but have another way of sharing an interview with your people between Thanksgiving and Christmas? That works, too. E-mail me your proposal, and we’ll go from there!

This is a grassroots, living-room-to-living room kinda movement… so your person-to-person support is SO valuable.

Epically grateful.

Totally devoted.



PS–Want to be a bigger part of the Sex After Trauma book birthing movement? You can join this lil list, and I’ll reach out to you first for support and spreading the word requests. Bless your sexy soul! xo

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