Hey brave human,

I know – intimately – how terrifying re-entering the world of pleasure can feel.

When we decide to devote to our turn on, all the things that are in the way come knocking.

Unresolved trauma. Shame. Grief. Rage. Fear. Feelings of powerlessness and voices that say, “there’s NO WAY I can do that.” Triggers. Shut down. Avoidance.

That’s why I’ve designed this free 7-day trauma-informed pleasure practice for you, as a gentle but powerful way to get your feet wet again.

In these practices, I make space for ALL of your feelings, and tailor them to a wide variety of comfort levels.

We move at a pace that honors the complexity, depth and potency of coming all the way back to life. (Hint: slow.)

So! – If you’re ready to lean into the possibility that your pleasure is your power, and you’re totally worthy of a life-enhancing connection to both, I’d be honored and so glad if you joined this free mini-course.

Follow along on Instagram for the short on each practice, or sign up for the mailing list and get each full practice in your Inbox, along with a printable PDF of 14 trauma-informed pleasure practices at the end.

Sending you tons of love and care on your journey!