How to make your own Pleasure-First Summer Seduction Game 😍

How to make your own Pleasure-First Summer Seduction Game 😍

Okayyyyy… here we go!

Wanna fill the next two week with doable delights that magically make you feel more turned on?

Want something small and simple, tangible and easy, to commit to for a seductive re-set?

Let’s do it.

4 short questions to consider below. My advice? Tune into your body and allow an answer to emerge instead of strategizing a “perfect”, “right”, “cool” or “advanced” idea.

You might THINK you need to touch yourself every day, or do breath of fire, or say your mantras, or or or…

But like – what does the simple, easy, uncomplicated animal part of you really want?

A daily cat-nap when you get home from work? To know that food is prepped every day? A bed time?!

Go with simple.

Simple creates stability, and stability allows your body to access felt-sense safety. When we feel safe in our bodies… turn-on is just a flirt away.

Here are your questions:

There’s a diversity to these questions, because they each help you access different qualities of pleasure and turn on.

  1. Quitting the buzz kill.
  2. Adding the zest.
  3. Co-creating peace and presence.
  4. Saying YES to your body’s needs, desires, loves.

Here’s my personalized list:

  1. No procrastinating. Either work, rest or play. {I tend to waste energy avoiding doing something, instead of giving into the fact that it’s not in the flow. With this practice, I’m intentionally going with my current. Because ease, flow and restfulness are energizing – and having energy is the #1 key to me actually feeling sexy.}
  2. PAINT. {Nothing gets me more connected to my erotic nature than getting lost in colors sliding across an open space. I got a huge roll of canvas. I’m cutting swaths as I go. 30 minutes a day to flow.}
  3. Walk then meditate 10 minutes. {Simple. Simple. Simple. And… so easy to skip. But when I do it? I am fully here. Presence is pleasure lube. Pass me the tube.}
  4. Bathe daily. {It’s not my normal rhythm. But when I do it as a sacred practice lathering myself in oil afterwards… it becomes a spiritual experience. A holy reset. A washing clean. It’s that kinda season for me.}

Notice that these things aren’t explicitly sexual… at all.

They’re my honest answers to the above questions; the things my body and soul are hungry for now.

But magically… I’ve been super turned on.

(Or maybe it’s the physiology of safety + nourishment + inspiration = natural, emergent turn on…)

My things might be a bit more involved than you have time for. If you’ve got your hands full of kids or your mind on big deadlines, perhaps go for smallest doable doses of delight…

  • No Instagram after 8pm. No checking email from bed. No gluten for two weeks.
  • Music in the bathroom – singing in the shower. Eating ecstatically (with presence and noises). Dressing to express myself every day.
  • 10 minutes of quiet in the car when no one else is around. 3 yoga poses. Journaling before bed.
  • Food prepping. Take a mindful walk on my lunch break. 10 minutes of breast massage.

AND THEN – THIS PART’S SUPER IMPORTANT – your goal is NOT to have 14 days where you absolutely-do-all-the-things-or-else-you’ve-failed.

Because remember… this is about pleasure first. Not force.

I like to give myself the healthy goal of 2-4 stars each day. I celebrate my 4-star days. I aim for them! And – I expect there will be days when only 1, 2 or 3 things happen.

The point isn’t perfection – it’s momentum.

By shifting your attention onto new habits, you form a momentum of putting pleasure first. You change the way your brain thinks. You begin wondering… Is this what would feel REALLY GOOD? more often. You listen to yourself with more reverence.

Star-chart spiritual growth? Mmmhmm… something like that.

Click right HERE to download your printable star-chart. 😍


And feel free to comment below with how it goes.

In baby-steps I trust…



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