The work I do with incredible humans is deeply personal, so you won’t find full names or photos here, just some honest notes of the impact made. I’m so grateful for each and every person who’s traveled this brave path with me.


She’s guided me to go deeper than I have in five years of traditional therapy…

“Rachael’s capacity to create a space that feels truly safe is one of my favorite things about working with her. She never pushes too fast. And in allowing me to be in that safe space with her, she’s guided me to go deeper with processing traumatic events than I have in five years of traditional therapy. Her gentleness makes the access available.” –T.P.

If you’re feeling broken, anxious, or insecure – Rachael is the woman for you…

Simply put, working with Rachael has been magical and life changing. Before working together, I was struggling with issues in my relationship. I felt like I was broken and that the anxiety, insecurity, and hopelessness I had about being in a healthy relationship would never go away. I had been in traumatic relationships before, and didn’t even realize that those traumas were being carried with me still. Rachael helped me see that with gentleness, forgiveness, and most importantly – empowerment.
Since working with her, I’ve felt more at ease, comfort, and love with myself and who I am. The anxiety has waned. The insecurity is fading. I’m not afraid that I’m broken anymore. In fact, I feel like I’m approaching the world in a stronger mentality than I could have ever imagined.
If you’re feeling broken, anxious, or insecure the way that I was – Rachael is the woman for you. The healing she’s brought into my world is true and real, and I truly believe that every person she touches will experience that too.” –A.N.

I’d truly say any woman who has experienced trauma would benefit significantly from working with Rachael…

“I’ve been doing a lot of internal work for a long time and I’ve come a very long way in the past 10 years. But the work I am doing with Rachael feels like… going deeper. I’m tapping into my own arousal as a way to make choices and decisions, and focusing on the places in my body where it doesn’t hurt as a way to experience myself as being okay. I’d truly say any woman who has experienced any kind of trauma, whether with a capital T or a small t, would benefit significantly from working with Rachael.“ — K.A.

I am forever grateful for her wisdom, love, and magic…

“Rachael takes you to the edge of what you’ve allowed yourself to explore and then gently guides you deeper–safely, even if it’s scary. Together, we touched the places that I was too terrified to touch on my own and I’m experiencing new glimmers of light I never thought I would. I am forever grateful for her wisdom, love, and magic.” — L.C.

Like having a secret superpower…

“Having Rachael in my pocket is like having a secret superpower – a wise, compassionate voice full of fierce love to remind me how powerful, beautiful and human I am. It’s the best medicine.” –A.S.

I’ve reclaimed my power…

“The moment I met Rachael and heard about unshaming my Secret Bad Girl I knew this was a missing piece in my journey to feeling more alive, in my power, and connected to myself and my body. Though I’d done a LOT of work in that area and am a coach and healer myself, there was part of me that didn’t feel totally on the other side of it all and I didn’t know why. What I did know was that despite all the work I’d done, I was STILL missing a level of joy and permission to be innocent, playful, and sensual and I wanted that back. What I realized through the program was that I had spent a lot of years not honoring my “no’s” and feeling a deep shame because of it. I didn’t realize how much of an impact that was still having on self-image and freedom to be me. I also didn’t allow myself to honor and hold space for the past trauma of feeling stuck in situations and relationships that were not self-honoring, because I was so determined to “get out of victim” that I was shaming myself for having been a victim in the first place, and never felt safe enough to ride the waves and release it from my body. I can’t believe it was just a couple of months, because I feel SO transformed through the Grown Goddess program and retreat. I’ve reclaimed my power and I feel brave enough to honor my no’s, and because of that my inner child is coming back to play and my Grown Goddess is here to keep her safe.” – N.B.

Rachael approaches her craft artfully and with grace

“Working with Rachael is a no brainer. Literally. She deftly helps tease out embodied wisdom – something rarely tapped into. Before the Grown Goddess Academy, I felt stuck in old fear patterns at the cellular level. Rachael masterfully helped me update my embodied responses through radical acceptance and by helping me integrate my feminine desires into my forward path. Rachael approaches her craft artfully and with grace, and lives the core truth and power of her teachings. She’s a true force of light and has helped me expand into a more powerful, integrated, and peaceful way of being.” – J.Q.

Before you, I didn’t know there was a blueprint for health

Before you, I didn’t know there was a blueprint for health
Before you, I was biased toward sickness
Before you, I deeply believed there was something wrong with me and other people, unfortunately, had to put up with all of my shit if they were going to be in relationship with me
Before you, I lived from a place of fear
Before you, I didn’t believe wholeness was possible
Before you, I didn’t believe I could be a “curious friend to life”
Before you, I never felt the kind of powerful sexual energy you have – sex was gross and disgusting and for unrefined people
Before you, I invested in myself, I sought out healing … but I didn’t really have hope for my future. I so wanted to, but I didn’t. That’s what was true.
Before you, I jammed my body and self into containers that weren’t safe b/c I only knew how to push – not how to surrender
Before you, loving myself felt – in fact – impossible. I was unlovable.
– L.W.

I finally understood what it meant to have peace… The danger is gone. I survived. I’m a capable adult. I’m okay.

Before working with Rachael, I was a mess. I would spend most of the day occilating between depression, anxiety, and anger – routinely frustrated and triggered by seemingly minor things, and then getting even more upset at my apparent inability to function.

Relationships were difficult as every slight was blown way out of proportion by my overactivated nervous system. I felt like I had been running and fighting for decades, and I was curious if it would ever change.

From the moment I signed up for Rachael’s email list, I knew she was different. Where others would try to push and persuade, she would focus on keeping folks feeling safe and inviting them just a bit beyond their comfort zone.

After going through her journaling program, including a live Q&A call, we had an extensive one on one consultation where we discussed the details of my desired life changes and she proposed a few paths on how we could get there.

I never felt pressured and in the end, despite the significant challenges in facing my demons that the intensive would entail, I actually felt excited. Just from speaking to her over Skype, I felt confident that I was in good hands with Rachael.

The actual healing during the intensive was beyond amazing. We spent the first couple days just hanging out with our sensations and orienting to stability. We worked through emotions and traumas that came up in a way that did not re-traumatize my body, and instead allowed it to self regulate and release those stuck energies.

The days of stability building were excellent investments, as the work crescendo’ed with a nature portion. My most basic and primal fears took hold of me as I was able to recreate – in a safe space – traumatic childhood experiences. Except this time, I was a capable adult. I was able to run. And hide. And fight. And freeze. And shake out all that stuck energy – repressed for decades – as the thunder clapped above us in the forest.

The next day, I knew things would never be the same.

*For the analytical minds reading this – I got you. My KPI (Key Performance Indicator) to determine whether the trip was a good investment was wanting to go from spending about ~80% of the day in some level of emotional / nervous system activation to <30%. I’m down to 20% or less most days – and my reactions are usually appropriate now. To put it in perspective, it took about 4 years of coaches, therapists, consultants, workshops, and other experiences to get me down to ~80% (but I understood the stories behind my trauma really well! lol). Rachael helped do the rest in a week. Because she actually worked with the physiology instead of just the psychology. Now that’s a solid ROI (Return on Investment).*

When I got home after the intensive, I felt oddly calm. I had the desire to go outside and meditate. And as I laid my limbs down, my legs crossed, I felt like one of those old, mindful yoga teachers. Except I didn’t spent 10 years practicing downward dog postures with soccer moms. I just spent a week with Rachael.

I finally understood what it meant to have peace. To end the war inside of myself – with myself – by waking up and realizing there was no one else there. It was just me – all along – fighting myself. But no more. The danger is gone. I survived. I’m a capable adult. I’m okay.

To truly understand that, in every cell of my being – not just as an intellectual, but as a felt, visceral reality – was truly and utterly life changing.

It’s been half a year since that fateful experience. I am calmer than ever, I’ve gotten promoted at work, I’ve moved across the country, I have much more fulfilling and easeful relationships, and my life is more amazing than I could’ve imagined.

Because I trust my body now. And it’s in no small part thanks to Rachael.

I’d recommend an intensive to folks who are ready. The ones who have done the psychological work and understand their “Stories” but are looking to experience real, lasting, permanent somatic release.

For folks who are sick and tired of being scared or angry all the time – even when it’s not appropriate. Who want to feel good and feel safe in their bodies, knowing they can protect themselves.

To folks who have been “up in their heads” since they can remember, and have a feeling that there might be a different way to be – a different way to live.

To folks who are sick of just existing – just surviving – and who want to truly open to the luscious beauty and joy of what it is to be fully embodied.

If any of that sounds appealing to you, I can’t recommend Rachael’s intensive enough. She is one of the best and you’ll be in good hands.

Don’t take my word for it though. Feel into it.

Trust your body. It knows when it’s time.


The rawness and truth of emotion and human-ness forever changed me.

I only recently identified as a trauma survivor. When I read Rachael’s book “Secret Bad Girl” I viscerally felt the insights and patterns and immediately recognized myself. It was both frightening and comforting in that now I had a logical reason for my behavior/tendencies and a base understanding that it was NOT my fault!

Mind – Blown

In the Grown Goddess Academy I learned that our basic needs are GOOD and that our needs not being met or honored may lead us to seek out unhealthy ways of getting them met. It’s really sweet and innocent! It feels so liberating and delicious to realize that inherent goodness and shed the shame.

Rachael has lived it – her gentle allowing approach is so loving and full of ease – no pushing, no rushing. She creates and holds a safe container for vulnerability, growth and connection. Yes, connection. That was a tough one for me – the Lone Wolf.

So when I went to the in-person retreat I was super vigilant. I was NOT going to cry or share too much (I now realize this is a PTSD response in the form of martyrdom – “I am fine by myself” thinking). In the first hour I realized that this was unlike anything I had ever experienced. The love and support in the room was palpable. It felt icky and disingenuous to NOT participate, even though that was welcome, too. Nothing is mandatory.

The rawness and truth of emotion and human-ness forever changed me. We are all wounded in some way and I used to operate from a “Pull yourself up by your bootstraps and get on with it” mentality. This retreat and these women made me soften – towards myself and others. That feels more genuine and authentic than judging people for being weak, mostly myself!

My trauma was not sexual, it was more neglect and abandonment. It really doesn’t matter, and comparing is futile. I recommend the Grown Goddess Academy to anyone who feels “other”, like they don’t belong, like they’re the Black Sheep or just awkward. This program helped me step into my Divine Feminine and own my power, my magic and my soveriegnty. Deep bow to you Rachael Maddox. I love you sister.

I came out with a sisterhood that I didn’t even know I needed…

Rachael’s retreat is hands down the best experience I’ve had doing this type of work in a group setting. Before I went I was very nervous and apprehensive about going into a group experience in such tender territory. By the end of it I came out with a sisterhood that I didn’t even know I needed and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. 

What makes this retreat different is Rachael’s capacity to create a space that is truly safe, totally choice-driven (no force in activities, you can participate as much or as little as you want) that creates a sense of freedom and a container that results in incredible change for every single person in such a short time. 

Before the retreat I was saying yes to things I really meant no to, burning out, pushing my limits, and wondering why I was feeling the unhappiness I was feeling. Now I feel so much more aligned with my needs, my desires, and feel equipped with the tools to navigate my life from a place of choice and power. Work with this woman and do this retreat. I promise you will never be the same. 


I actually feel safe…

I’ve been feeling so much happier, prettier inside… because I’ve been taking such better care of myself. And it’s translating on the outside. So many people are reflecting my beauty back to me… and for the first time in a long time, I actually feel safe.

– D.R.

Sexy is a feeling… that feeling is more alive in me than ever before.

What is sexy even? What someone else has told me? What the patriarchy says? No. Sexy is a feeling. Feeling turned on from the inside out. I HAD NO IDEA. But that feeling is more alive in me than ever before, and the Grown Goddess Academy has been so huge in waking it up.

– A.R.

Your integrity is beyond reproach…

“You are extremely sensitive to our needs and comfort levels and I really, really appreciate your care. Your integrity is beyond reproach and your willingness to assess the group as a whole and make sure that EVERYONE is feeling ok with this tender territory really touched me at a deep level.

Thanks for all you do for us and for your precious expertise, understanding, personal experience and love you bring to every lesson.

You’re the best!” – J.M.

Amazing permission to take this at our own pace…

“I think what has been MOST helpful in this process is the amazing permission you’ve given us all to take this at our own pace. Acknowledging that dissociation & checking out are normal responses to this kind of stuff has allowed me to stay connected, rather than feeling shamed and alienated as I have in past group settings. Giving me the space to be where I’m at is the best support possible. I appreciate you and your wonderful team so much!” – E.B.