Love alchemizes all. Everything belongs to love.

Hey friends,

If there’s one thing that’s been churning on repeat through my soul lately it’s this:

Love alchemizes all. Everything belongs to love.

I keep envisioning the human heart as this non-conditional church that can draw everything in. Closer and closer and closer and closer.

At the center, there’s this eternal flame that can melt anything from a hardened state of fear into a puddle of generous love.

We can draw in our self-criticism. Hold it dearly next to the flicker of our eternal flame. Compassion can cast our self-hating shadows on the wall. And we can watch (in agony, or acceptance, depending on the day) as the whole lot of our inner-outlook dances and dances and dances until only the truth remains–a deep and vast pool of certain love.

We can draw in the people we least want to forgive. Our parents. Our exes. The people who shamed or humiliated us, let us down. We can imagine them standing next to the eternal flame of our heart’s most powerful love. We can imagine ourselves glowing there with them. We can imagine any throw of wild expression that needs to surface, shouting itself out. And still, that fire. That crackling love. That melting force flickering quietly by our sides.

We are meant to glow inside that love. We are meant to grow inside that love.

In the work that I do I hear so many people beating themselves up on a regular basis “I’m such a loser.” “I’ll never get there.” “I waited too fucking long and now I’ll look stupid if I try.” I hear endless bouts of blaming, pissy-fitting or assuming a position of powerlessness, as if The Victim is the saint we pray to. I hear non-stop truncating of completely doable dreams. (Note: I hear all of these things in myself, too!)

Here’s the paradox: ALL OF IT BELONGS.

I repeat: All of it belongs.

Our self-hate, our victim-states, our ways of blaming and shaming–they are the illusion we are lifting. They are what makes landing home in the magic of our heart’s eternal love feel ever-more undoing. They are what we melt from. They are the curse that blesses us, the sleep we wake from, the wound we heal from. They belong.

And our hearts–7 billion tiny churches of non-conditional love–are ready to draw every part of us into the center. You belong here, orphaned parts. You have a home here.

Watch–just watch what the homeless parts of us become when they no longer doubt that they belong in the warm embrace of love.

Here are some things I’ve seen rise:

Forceless might. Crystal truth. Forgiveness. Quivering kisses. Honest I miss you’s. Humble thank you’s. Ready stance. Patient trust. Magnetic yeses. Unapologetic no’s. Long nurturing walks. Powerful plans–made & then made real. Open hands, ready to receive.

Your heart is an alchemy cauldron. It is not afraid of reality. It knows it can melt anything–even your self-hate, even your deepest fears, even your worst addictions to blame or regret or toxic sex or or or…

What wants to be drawn into your heart’s love today? What’s feeling hard or stuck that wants more than anything to melt? 

Feel free to write me and spill your tender truth. I’m all ears, totally here, with a little extra fire in my heart today if you’re feeling like yours is burning low.

Devotionally yours,

PS:: Listening to Marianne Williamson’s talks about A Course In Miracles has felt really supportive for me lately. Check her out if you haven’t already. High vibrations. Lots of truth. Also: I’ve been doing this lil 7-day Waking Up With Ryan course. Such a good way to practice a super-easy, fast and love-based morning routine!

PPS:: If you’re seeking some one-on-one support, I bring my biggest alchemical love to sessions with people, and a few spots are open on my spring calendar. Hit reply and let me know if you’re interested in working together. All my services operate on the gift economy. I’d love to dive in with you. Note: I’ve got a new 17 week one-on-one program coming out soon, and I’m also available for one-off’s any time. You can read more here.

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