We begin Level 1 of the ReBloom Coach Training with an in-person 4-day kick-off workshop in San Diego, CA January 16-19, 2020.

Through ritual, story, guided meditation, nervous system lessons, coaching demos, body-based peer-to-peer coaching, and a community spirit weaving everyone together – you’ll receive the fundamentals of the ReBloom Method – not just intellectually, but in your body, heart and soul. You’ll also meet, practice and bond with the cohort of amazing humans studying alongside you, setting you up for the most meaningful 3-month journey.

After our kick-off workshop, we’ll have 3 more months of powerful, interactive online learning, including weekly 2-hour live lessons, weekly homework practices and 4 peer-to-peer coaching sessions.

When Level 1 completes, if you’d like to continue to Level 2, you’ll be encouraged to do at least 10 ReBloom coaching sessions with current clients and/or peers in the program to deepen your learning and ready yourself for Level 2.

Workshop Curriculum Overview

With soulful and thorough teaching, coaching demos from Rachael as well as plenty of peer-to-peer practice, you’ll learn…

  • Cultivating safety with shared agreements
  • The ABC’s of Trauma-Informed Transformation (Attunement, Body-Based, Consent/Cooperation, Doability, Trust)
  • The ReBloom Allegory and Archetypical Overview
  • The ReBloom Coherence Practice (Movement & Mantra for awakening super-aligned health)
  • Invitational language for trauma resolution
  • Curiosity over intervention
  • Pendulation
  • Titration
  • Resourcing and orienting to Natural Blueprints of Health
  • Co-creating a wide base of support
  • Working within the Window of Presence
  • Working with Neuroception and Embodied Emergency Responses
  • Transforming Hypersocialization, Fight, Flight and Freeze
  • The Autonomic Nervous System Essentials
  • Nuerobiology and trauma resolution 101
  • How to Soothe, Distract & Stabilize
  • How to dance a client from triggered to transformed
  • Energetic hygiene
  • How to cultivate a doable, safe, sustainable momentum from trauma to turn on

Weekly Lessons Curriculum Overview

Through 2-hour interactive Zoom lessons with corresponding personal practices and homeworks, you’ll learn…

  • Scope-of-Practice – Working safely and joyfully with right-fit clients
  • From Neglect to Worthiness – Inner-Kid Healing
  • From Exploitation to Sovereignty – Boundary Repairs
  • From Shame and Repression to Whole Self Expression – Shame Resilience & Identity Celebration
  • From Manipulation and Control to Clarity and Choice – Self-Trust & Leadership
  • From Violence and Addiction to Empowered Safety and Vitality – Growing Aliveness
  • Transference, Counter-Transference and Ethics – Keepin’ it clean in trauma land
  • Making Visible Your Invisible Medicine –Coherent Marketing 101
  • 3 Coherence Practice Group Coaching Calls
  • BONUS – ConSensual Sales Class Recording


Allll the magic that’s included in Level 1 – Fertile Foundations!

  • A 4-day in-person workshop (delicious lunches included)
  • A welcome package that includes a BEAUTIFUL and thorough printed and bound ReBloom Coach Workbook
  • Gorgeously designed ReBloom Altar Cards
  • A signed copy of Secret Bad Girl
  • 8 LIVE 2-hour lessons taught by Rachael over Zoom
  • 8 homework invitations
  • 4 peer-to-peer coaching invitations
  • 4 ReBloom Coaching Demo Videos of Rachael coaching real clients
  • Monthly 2-hour Coherence Practice Calls, live on Zoom (the Coherence Practice is a system that combines movement and mantra to awaken coherent health throughout your whole being)
  • 8 additional audio transmissions on essential skills, concepts and theories to support your learning
  • Optional access to previously trained ReBloom Coaches for 1-1 coaching at $150/session
  • The ReBloom Meditation Kit (6 beautiful and deep meditations made by Rachael)
  • An online Program Portal where you can find easy access to all lesson recordings, audio transmissions, meditations and coherence audios

  • This program IS for you if:

    • You’ve been a coach, guide, facilitator or practitioner for a minimum of 2 years, and have current ongoing clients
    • You’ve completed a professional coaching training / healing practitioner program -or- you have 3 years professional experience
    • You LOVE intimate experiential learning environments
    • You are excited and available for peer-to-peer practice sessions with other coaches in the program
    • You can attend the in-person Kick-Off workshop January 16-19 in San Diego, CA
    • You have the time for 5 to 6 hours a week of lessons, homework and peer-to-peer sessions
    • You’ve got a community spirit and are ready to be part of a Cosmic Dream Team of earth alchemists and beloveds
  • This program is NOT for you if:

    • You’re a brand new coach or have not been through any professional training
    • You prefer more intellectualized, hands-off learning environments, are not available for experiential learning
    • You’re at the very beginning or deep end of your trauma resolution process, and have trouble accessing presence, choice or regulation around challenging topics
    • You don’t have the time, energy or current life stability to ground into 5 to 6 hours a week of lessons, practices and peer-to-peer sessions
    • You’re looking for a trauma resolution training program with a supervision and certification component
    • You can’t make it to San Diego, CA for the Kick-Off Workshop January 16-19, 2020

People of all genders, races, sexual orientations and abilities are invited to be part of this experience. Your sense of comfort and safety will be centered and honored here. 

Feeling like it’s a fit?

Please take some time to apply below. I’ll reply to your application within 1 business day. If it feels aligned, I’ll invite you to a feeler call where we can talk out your dreams and desires, doubts and questions, before deciding for sure if the program’s a best fit.

  • All walks of life and learning are valued here. You do not have to have gotten an accredited training to be considered for this program. However, experience and a background of working with clients is essential.

  • Q: It’s not the right time for me. Will you offer this program again?

    A: Yes, the next Level 1 will begin in January 2021.

    Q: Are the lessons pre-recorded or live? If they’re live, will they be recorded in case I need to miss or want to re-watch them?

    A: There will be at least one live 2-hour lesson per week. Some weeks there will also be a live 2-hour Coherence Practice. All live lessons will be recorded. You’ll have access to an online Program Portal that hosts all of the lesson recordings for 12 months after the completion of the program.

    There will also be weekly pre-recorded audio transmissions to support your deepest learning.

    Q: Is food included in the Kick-Off Workshop? How about accommodations?

    A: Delicious, healthy lunch is included each day. Accommodations are not included, but we will help coordinate those participants who’d like to share housing, as well as make great recommendations.

    Q: Does this program include 1-1 coaching with Rachael?

    A: It includes one hour-long session with Rachael. Beyond that, it’s recommended that you hire a ReBloom Coach that Rachael has personally mentored and trained at a reduced student rate of $150/session. At least 3-4 ReBloom Coach sessions will significantly deepen your learning and transformation with this body of work.

    Q: How many participants will be in the program?

    A: We will cap the program at 25 participants.

    Q: Will there be program assistants and additional support beyond Rachael?

    A: Yes! Kelsey Gustafson – an incredibly qualified trauma specialist and trauma-sensitive yoga instructor, will be the program assistant-facilitator. 4 additional previously trained ReBloom Coaches will offer marvelous energetic and emotional support to our shared space!

    Q: Are there payment plans? If so, how does that work?

    A: Yes! There are fantastic payment plan opportunities. If you enroll before October 8th, the program price is $3650. Deposit is $1000, followed by 7 automatic monthly payments of $379. If you enroll after October 8th, the program price is $4000. Deposit is $1000 followed by 5 monthly payments of $600.

  • Q: I’m worried I’m not qualified enough. Can we talk?

    A: Yep! When you fill out the application above, simply mention where you’re at in terms of experience and why you’re passionate about joining the program. Then, we can dive deeper into the possibilities on our Feeler Call. (If your heart is singing to be part of this program, apply! We can tune in together to see if it feels right.)

    Q: Is this a safe space for me? My identity is more marginalized.

    A: Your safety matters tremendously to me. Here are some factors to feel into when weighing the safety of this space for you:

    The content of the training is not gendered, and is informed by a systemic lens on colonization and cultural trauma. I’ve done 100+ hours of in-person experiential group work on privilege, oppression, race, class and identity dynamics at the University of Maryland.

    My privilege and bias still exist. I am always open to feedback. I continue to learn from and consult with BIWOC teachers, and many of my closest relationships are with people from more marginalized groups.

    Whatever your identity, I welcome you into this learning space. And I’m here if you wanna talk things out.

    Q: Do you offer a certification or supervision component with this training?

    A: Not at the time. If that changes, and you’ve taken Level 1 and Level 2, we will make certification and supervision available to you as well.

    Q: What’s the refund policy?

    A: For payments already made, there are no refunds except in the case of illness or family emergencies. However, if you decide to leave the program and have unmade payments, you will not be charged for future payments.

    Q: Are there scholarships available?

    A: Yes! There are two 50% scholarships available for this round of the ReBloom Coach Training Level 1. Priority goes to BIWOC and single moms, but all are welcome to apply. Check the box in the application above, and I’ll email you the application if the program seems like it’d be a great fit for ya. 🙂