If you’re feeling crabby about Thanksgiving.

It’s American Thanksgiving, and since I’m way into the shadow these days, I just thought I’d write a little note for IF YOU’RE FEELING MOPEY, DEPRESSED OR UNGRATEFUL TODAY. Here goes::

Yo. Hey love.

A few weeks ago, I was under so much anxiety over this book I’ve written (the vulnerability of a sexual trauma memoir is… epic) that I woke up crying.

Every morning, I fill a page with things I’m grateful for before I get out of bed, but on this morning, I just couldn’t do it.

OBVIOUSLY, there are endless things at all times to be grateful for when you’re a living breathing human.

But that doesn’t mean we can always feel those things. Or feel good about feeling those things.

And, pardon my french, but that’s fucking okay.

If you’ve seen Inside Out, you’ll know that sadness is the super-activator of empathy. And empathy transforms reality. So. If you’re feeling ungrateful, I just want you to know: I know. Shit can be hard. It’s okay to feel this way.

On the other hand, if you’re up for it… HERE’S AN ALTERNATIVE TO FEELING SHITTY::

Last night, I was filled with longing. For our world to be less of a shit show. For my man to come along. For an uprising of communities and cities that truly embody historic levels of peace.

I remembered an exercise my friend Rachel once taught me, where you say that you’re “so happy and thankful now that…” as a way to call in what you’re longing for.

So I pulled out my gratitude journal, tuned the page sideways, and started writing what I’ll now name the…


Give it a try, if it feels like it might shake your insides up, for the better.

All you do is write out the things you really really really want, with an “I’m so thankful for…” or “I’m so happy and thankful now that…” in front.

  • Here’s mine (’cause sharing is caring)::
  • i’m so thankful for the rich & true journey my twin flame has traveled & that he was brave enough to call me in, in the same way that i’ve called to him.
  • i’m thankful for the sensual dance of power we slither together.
  • i’m thankful that we’re living in and supported by a powerful and peaceful community of trust, and that we’re in communion with the land and the heart of the whole human family.
  • i’m thankful that more and more people with money & privilege are being touched in their HEARTS & changing their WAYS, and that more & more people with less cash are coming together, building community wealth as rich & wise as everyone’s wildest dreams.
  • I’m thankful we’re truly getting better at peace. that more & more members of ISIS are laying down their arms, starting internal revolutions of sanity. that more & more militia, worldwide, including in the United States, are being infiltrated by meditative healing and perspective-shattering love.
  • i’m thankful that all these secret bad girls have been set free from the secret of their shadowy pasts & know the kind of freedom that lasts past the fear of being frozen or made powerless.
  • i’m thankful that the whole world finally understands there is no such thing as wanting too much love.
  • i’m thankful for my perfect strawbail hut. to be living on the land. with a band. and my man.
  • i’m thankful that my tunes are streaming through speakers, recorded beautifully, with trumpets, ta boot!
  • i’m deeply thankful that the brainiest tech geeks on planet earth are calling for a revolution of victory gardens, “there’s nothing our tech can do without you, friend.”
  • i’m so thankful that i always have the means to visit my family on the holidays–anytime i want, really.
  • i’m so thankful i found the healing to embrace my freedom and the courage to be this powerful & true. that life dished me this destiny so i could do with it what no other human could do.
  • i’m so thankful for the Secret Bad Girls Club and all the FUN these women finally get to have, shamelessly. The liberation. The togetherness. The sexiness. The joy.
  • i’m so thankful there’s a worldwide ban on fracking and the salmon have developed superpowers for cleansing.
  • i’m so thankful blacks and natives have been given reparations, and that there are national days of celebration for all their gorgeous wisdom.
  • i’m so thankful to be part of the bravest crew of peace-making, earthly devotion, radically rapturous folks around. to play music together daily, and dance, and be true, and invite others to do so, too.
  • i’m so thankful there’s more than enough light & love to go all the way around. that so many of us are sounding the gong, marching to the song of a whole new way.

I love you, friends.
I’m thankful for you.
If you need a place to share your list, you can always hit reply and send it over.
Every time you reach out, our web gets stronger.
We are together.
Forever & ever.


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