When it’s time to say yes to hard work.

When you don’t know where an idea comes from, but it simply appears, clear as day.

When you’re not sure who made you qualified or correct for bringing this idea to life.

When the resonance is palatable, even despite the fear.

When the logistics seem impossible, but you still feel intense attraction.

This is when you just say yes.

I don’t know who or what told me I could tour the country playing original songs. But it came in a flash–almost somewhat removed from me–and so I brought it to my people and asked if anyone would host my little seed of an idea. That turned into a 10-city nation-wide tour last summer. A tour that blew my soul right open. Happiest month of my life. More importantly? I got my sense of power back, after the most grueling year of my life.

I don’t know who or what told me I could write a book. But it came to me in a flash: the experience of trauma needed to be far better understood, destigmatized, and resourced. I’d make a “multimedia resource guide”. I nestled with this idea in a deeply inspired kinda way (got off the internet and wrote 3 hours a day, every day) and then brought it forward. That seed of wanting to create a “resource guide”, turned into a book, an educational movement, and a vocation that’s the most meaningful work I’ve ever done.

These flashes of insight, given any time to stew, also grow with them their own pool of fear. For me, that’s because they also come chock full of Responsibility.

I’ll have to practice my music more instead of just putzing around.
I’ll have to organize the venues and promote enough to make sure people actually show up.
I’ll have to run the risk of people judging me or thinking I suck.
I’ll have to earn enough money in advance to be able to take off for a tour.

I’ll have to invest money and time in learning about trauma resolution from the bestbestbest.
I’ll have to say no to a whole lot more people in my life because I’ll no longer have space for everyone’s Stuff.
I’ll have to stay in tip-top emotional, mental and physical shape, so that I can sustain the energetics of this new level of work.
I’ll have to get way more organized.
I’ll have to do it even when I’m tired.
I’ll have to take really good care of myself–choose myself–so I can show up best for others without hating my life.

Basically, in a word: I’ll have to WORK.

But not just work for the sake of working. Work for the sake of calling. For the sake of spirit. For the sake of love.

This is when most of us run like hell from the work.
Because it’s really the work of wearing our Big Girl panties.
It’s really the work of letting love grow us immensely powerful, immensely potent.
And with great power comes great responsibility. (Note: the less well-known adage is with great responsibility comes great power.)

When the call rises up from a foggy, curious place in you.
When it doesn’t make 100% logical sense, but it feels really really… charged.
When you think, “I have no idea if I’m qualified for this, but I just can’t keep from LOVING IT.”

Be willing to take responsibility for your love.
Be willing to grow and stretch and sweat and work for it.
Be willing to let it take you to mysterious places, and show you who you’ve always been meant to become.

This one flash of inspired insight won’t be the end of your story, won’t be the only one. But it will be a stepping stone on your true path. And it will feel like flying to choose it.

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Wild love and sweaty trust,


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