8 Comments on “Grown Goddess Video Series”

  1. Fantastic set of informative videos, a must for any woman who has experienced trauma. Rachael sensitivity and intelligently covers this topic making you feel that whatever has happen to you has happened to others and there is hope and she gives guidance towards recovery and healing (what Rachael describes as the ‘breaking of the trauma spell’)

  2. Thank you for this. I had to stop several times, even mid-video at times, because it was just pushing me too far into discomfort. I really feel like you “get it”. Inside these videos is everything that has been dwelling just below the surface since I was little, but had no idea how to express to people. I’m already planning to re-watch because I have found that while I am really good at becoming aware of my “freeze” tendency when things get hard – I am struggling with disassociating and checking out when things get good. Thank you for being a light in the world so many of us need.

  3. You have given so much in this very deep and heartfelt set of videos and I appreciate it so much… Thank you!

  4. Been watching and taking notes today, you cover so much I hadn’t thought about. I am so grateful you are doing this work and having this much needed conversation. No one really talks about what happens after abuse, or how to create a healthy safe space to explore pleasure or sex afterwards. We understand being abused generally leads to more abuse, but I have never heard of Breaking the Trauma Spell! Thanks so much Rachael x

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