Our game plan for Friday.

Game Plan


The Kickstarter launches THIS FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 24

I feel like a KID… so full of excitement and joy.

And… I’m sooo ready to rock this thing together.

Many people who run Kickstarters have a fail-proof back-up plan. Someone to throw $10k in the bucket at the end if it looks like the grassroots movement isn’t taking foot.

I don’t have that person.

(Though if you wanna be that person, feel free to comment below and let me know! 😂 )

Instead, I’m relying on a combination of things to get this baby funded::

  • I’ll be on over 20 podcasts throughout the duration of the Kickstarter talking about Sex After Trauma. The intention is to get tons of interested peeps to the Kickstarter link after listening to podcast episodes.
  • I’ll be running a free 30-day class called The Reclamation: Opening the Doorway to Delicious Sex After Trauma on Instagram and Facebook. Hoping that’ll also get more eyes on my work and people to the Kickstarter.
  • Straight up singing about this Kickstarter every day in lots of ways the whole time it’s live. (I’ll be sending a few more emails than usual! Please forgive me 🙂 !! )
  • Most importantly… your grassroots support spreading the word!!

So… about that last one….


1. Share on Friday. Share on Monday.

The Kickstarter link goes live at 6am EST / 3am PST on Friday November 24. (But not until then, so know that if this link’s not working, that’s why.)

  • Black Friday is a BIG shopping day for people… If you could share the Kickstarter link with all your people, in all the places on Friday… that would be incredible.
  • Cyber Monday is also an awesome day for online shopping. Again, spreading the word and link in as many places as possible on Monday would be MAGIC.

The thing about Kickstarter is this: projects that get 30% funded in the first week are almost 100% likely to fully fund. So we wanna sing out about this baby as much as possible, especially in the beginning.

2. Be one of the first hundred backers! 

If you’re planning on backing the Kickstarter, would you do me a favor and back it right at the beginning? Even if you start with a “smaller” reward, then give yourself some time to consider bigger options, throwing your love in the bucket in the first few days would be such a gift.

I will send a personal voice memo thank you note to each of the first hundred backers – no matter the amount of your pledge!

3. Head to the super handy Street Team Page where you can grab all kinds of images, words and links to share.

Here, there are easily snagable words, images and links to share via…

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • E-mail

The official link to the Kickstarter is bit.ly/sexaftertraumabook. <— This link will be live on FRIDAY. The link won’t work until Friday, so please don’t try to share it sooner.

Okay, lovers…

From the bottom of my ever-devoted heart, THANK YOU for your support.

I am so excited to see this baby fly!

And soooo ready to be co-creating a new culture around sex, together.

Love love love + gratitude!

PS–I’ll be back on Friday with the official AHHHHH WE’RE LIVE e-mail announcement! 🙂 Thanks for welcoming me in your Inbox a lil more than usual this month. 😘🙏🏻🙌🏻✨👯🤗

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