A ritual for growing loving, defiant power in the dark.

Hi beautiful people,

When the injustice of the world starts to feel like too much, too fast – on the very subjects that trigger our own histories of too much, too fast – it can be hard, like really really really hard, to find the unbreakable core of power and grounding within. It can be hard, like really really really hard, to not self-isolate and collapse, but instead to gather with others to remember our strength and center.

So here’s a ritual to help.

Because even if we can’t feel it, even if we’re swarming in sensations of emergency and overwhelm, even if we’re flooded with despair, dissociation or depression – that’s not the whole story of our being OR our collective humanity. Ever. Even now. Even amidst all this.

Within us each there is always an unbreakable core, a natural blueprint of health, an infinitely wise, potent and loving medicine of creation. And if we can tap back into that unbreakable core when it feels like all is lost, it will help us regain clarity, power and choice. Together.

Beloveds, we need our clarity, power and choice in times like these. We need to find and strengthen them together. Righteous rage that moves things forward.

Let’s do this.

Below are instructions + audio guidance every step of the way.

I love you.

We are together, forever ever.



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This is a ritual you can do alone or together. Instructions for both things are shared in this Ritual Guidance Audio.

In a group, including the potluck, this is designed to be about 2-3 hours. Without a potluck, more like 2 hours. Alone, it will take closer to 90 minutes.

You can simply begin by pressing play on this audio, and it will guide you through every step of the ritual, including: materials, safety for gathering and participating in this ritual, an icebreaker, a meditation, a boundary amplifying ritual and a closing / warm-down reflection.

Below is more written text on each piece. You can read through it, or simply let the audio guide you!

Materials needed:
  • Enough scarves, sheets twisted up or string to form a large circle around your group
  • Note cards or slips of paper
  • Markers
  • A candle
  • A bowl of water
  • These two statements written on papers big enough for others to read:
    • “Today and every day moving forward, for all the times I didn’t or couldn’t, I am now saying NO to…”
    • “Today and every day moving forward, for all the times I didn’t or couldn’t, I am now saying YES to…”

When you gather, start with a simple, but powerful icebreaker.

What are you here for the sake of?

In other words…

What are you standing for by showing up to this ritual?

Give each person just one minute to speak. If you’re alone, journal on this inquiry.


Invite people/yourself to get into comfortable positions, and press play on this 12-minute Unbreakable Core Meditation. This will help create safety, resource and capacity in yourself and/or the group.

Note: the “meditation” invites you to interact with it in any way you’d like: eyes open or closed, moving or still, doodling or going deep into the recesses of your body.

Second note: If this meditation brings up emotion for you, that’s okay and normal (even if it doesn’t seem to make sense). Please take care of yourself, know you’re always allowed to take a breather from this experience at any moment or time.

After the meditation, come on back for a transition into the next phase of things.


You’ll begin my simply pressing play on the RITUAL GUIDANCE audio.

This audio will guide you through the following things, with instructions about when to pause and when to press play again:

  • A short soul-storming exercise
  • Opening the ritual space
  • Creating a group boundary shield
  • Declaring your NO’s
  • Declaring your YES’s
  • Closing the ritual space

Have these two songs cued up and ready to go before you dive in to the ritual:


A short closing reflection question that everyone gets to answer. In a group, give everyone one minute to share (or if the group is larger, invite people to share just one word). Solo, journal on the following:

What are you leaving with? What are you taking with you now?

Say your goodbyes, and remember to always ask if someone wants a hug instead of assuming!

Please respect whoever’s hosting by not staying past the close of the ritual. If you’re hosting, it’s recommended that you have a clear start and end time for energetic cleanliness. This ritual is designed to be about two hours. I added a potluck (and an hour to the experience) because I wanted to fold in some informal time to connect. I put the potluck in between the meditation and the beginning of the Guided Ritual.

If you’d like to share the experience on social media, only share photos of others with their consent. Tag me (@rachaelmaddox) so I can see & celebrate, and hashtag #rebloomtogether


One Comment on “A ritual for growing loving, defiant power in the dark.”

  1. This is everything. I’ve just recently spent the Autumnal Equinox at a Wild Woman’s Retreat full of social beauty and magic like this ritual. So glad to see you taking to media to share with such a huge following! Everyone benefits from holding space in this way, for ourselves, for others that we hold space for, and they return for us, all of it.
    When such powerful forces seem to press down and smother our spirits, it’s so VITAL to nourish that loving light within, and from that loving powerful flame – DEFIANCE!

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