Will you stand united with the other 164 backers, and help us cross the finish line together? The Sex After Trauma FINALE.

Maybe you’ve kept Sex in an old shoe box at the top of your closet for a while now.

Maybe you’ve been having it, but in ways that don’t feel enlivening or all that great.

Maybe you’ve worn the label “Bad” or “Dirty” or “Unworthy” for the secret transgressions that have happened to you.

Maybe you’ve internalized your anger and can barely get out a roar.

Maybe you’ve been roaring for so many years that you’re constantly exhausted and have lost faith in the decency of men.

Maybe you’ve let Sex out on the town with high heels but low self-trust. Maybe you have no clue how to embody all your wild power and sensual allure safely.

Maybe somehow, you feel as though your body doesn’t belong to you, your safest places are not safe.

Maybe you’ve blamed yourself for all of this, not the culture that bred you, nor the trauma spell that’s secretly hijacked your nervous system.

But maybe, you dream of another way. A world where your body is yours and reverence comes first. A world where violation isn’t normalized and justice is ceremonialized. A world where you can use your voice and others honor your choice. A world where you can explore and express the full range of your eroticism, and it’s safe, celebrated, meaningful, fun.

For years of my life I was that woman with her Sex in the dusty shoe box at the top of her closet. I was also that women who had so much Sex in her that when she let it out into the lion’s den it was a total and utter disaster. I was that women who thought she was responsible for behaving better in unsafe territory, not getting the f* out or holding the territory accountable for being toxic. I was that woman who didn’t know why I was so damn stuck, especially considering how much good-girl therapy I’d done, how self-reflective and smart I was.

Until life knocked me over in a dozen non-ignorable ways, and I was finally forced to deal with the source: the sexual trauma that was festering at my core.

It wasn’t an easy healing process. It also wasn’t fast. But it was deep, thorough and effective.

I’ve reclaimed my voice, my pleasure, my desires, healthy sex, my embodied expression, my mama-bear fierceness and clear, accurate discretion about what’s safe and what’s better staying at arm’s length. For real. And so have so many of my clients.

Now, my biggest dream is to help you do the same.

Rape culture is an insidious beast. No one of us can change it alone. And we all know that shouting at our computers about the most recent horrible news story doesn’t do all that much.

My dream is for you to experience a new story. And then maybe, if you’d like, you can help someone else do the same. And little by little, person by person, we can change the culture from the bottom up. In an embodied way. With our flesh and our bones on board. With something healed and trusting at our core.

I’m writing Sex After Trauma to be the guide and friend, the sage and sister you never had. I want to help you cross the threshold from the old world to the new. And I want to help you do it in a way that’s safe, that’s trauma-informed, that’s full of poetry and ritual and stories and recipes. Because are still fleshy breathing humans, even in this digitized world. These are the things we really need.

Are you ready for personal and collective sexual healing? To write a new story for your own life, and our culture?

If so, now’s the time. We have one week to go. On behalf of all the humans who will get so much out of this book, I’d be so grateful if you went to the Kickstarter and…

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  • And/or shared the project in a heartfelt way

Will you stand united with the other 164 backers, and help us cross the finish line together? If we double our backers and every backer increases their pledge by just a little, we’ll get there for sure.

Thank you so much for being in it to win it! For doing your part. For making magic together.

All my love & devotion.

PS–Here’s the Kickstarter link again! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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