5 suggestions for facilitating trauma-informed miracles.

5 suggestions for facilitating trauma-informed miracles.

Hey lovely human,

Ever attend a workshop or retreat and walk away wondering… How did they pull that off? I entered into a portal and am leaving a whole new person! And they didn’t even lock me into a room from 7am to 10pm!

On the flip side, ever attend a transformational training or event, and want to run out of the room within the first 15 minutes?

At the beginning of every workshop I host, I make the same announcement that usually surprises participants… and gets a little chuckle:

I don’t like most transformational workshops. Unless I’m in charge. 😉

Or unless whoever’s running the workshop offers lots of permission to opt in or out according to true capacity and desire.

Basically… I don’t like being told what to do. This isn’t because I’m especially stubborn or rigid. Adaptability is one of my superpowers.

But in the territory of my most tender, sensitive parts – the parts that were historically overridden, disregarded or dishonored – what heals isn’t the pressure to perform perfectly, but the permission not to.

Invitations. Choice. Consent.

Deep trust in my capacity to know what’s best for me – and space to follow my knowing.

This is the magic sauce.

And, as such, this is how I like to treat you.

With respect. With reverence. With trust that one of the most transformative gifts I can offer you is the real option to say no – and honor you, if and when you do.

There’s this myth in the world of transformation that says, People don’t want to change. You gotta push them in order for them to get results.

This myth results in all kinds of fuckery. Coercive marketing. Locking people in the room from 7am to 11pm. Pressuring people to participate in every ounce of every activity or else they won’t get the full benefit.

In my opinion, this is the fuckery of faithlessness. It motivates from a place of force and fear. It disregards the natural human urge to heal – on its own timeline, with its own miraculous plan in place.

I’m all for encouraging courage. I’m not saying I’m here to coddle someone’s self-destructive habits. But there’s a difference between inspiring authentic change in harmony with the inner-workings of soul and body… and forcing someone to fit into your grand master plan for their healing (and possssibly your own ego boost). The former is way more gracious – and effective – than the latter.

So without further adieu…

Wanna experience the sweet relief of a gentle, trusting approach? To feel revered for your capacities and your limits?

ReBloom Your Sexuality will dose you that medicine ten fold.


I respect you. Your desires. Your skepticism. Your needs. Your choice.

Head here to sign up. FAQs answered here, as well. Or feel free to email me at rachael@rachaelmaddox.com. Happy to answer ’em!

Here’s to the healing that’s rooted in honor, doesn’t hinge itself on pressure or force.

Big love. Wild trust.



PS – Know a friend, coach or therapist who would feel so comforted by these suggestions? Spread the love. Press forward. xo

PPS! – Speaking of aliveness! – I’ve been painting every day and it’s making me so happpyyyy. In case you missed the post on how to make your own pleasure-first summer seduction game… here it is. 😉

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