Your Courage, Your Call & the Changing World That Needs It

I could write an essay (or 5) on the changing state of vocation in the world, predictions for the kinds of jobs that most humans will be doing in 50 years, and the real reason why a movement of coaches/healers is on the rise.

Hint: It’s not to teach people how to make more money. Or even how to be happy and get everything you want.

But instead, I’ll simply write this one: a call for you to embrace the change that’s amidst us. The change that is fueled by rapid increase in technology, and rapid decrease in environmental stability. Rapid increase in the wealth of the wealthy, and rapid increase in the poverty of the poor–especially in developing nations.

And amidst these great changes, some questions:

Why, now, are humans obsessing with authentic living?
Why, now, is a movement underway to deeply heal our traumas?
Why, now, are executives at the tops of Fortune 500 companies incorporating mindfulness meditation into their work?
Why, now, are our fantasies beginning to morph into the same singular image–living in some magical yurt on pristine land where everything is alive and wild?
Why, now, are there uprising for social/political causes, and allies across race and economic status becoming braver and more involved?

Some potential… answers:

We miss the earth.
We can feel the cost of consumerism–the cost that lives in faraway lands where people speak different languages and fish through bogs for resemblances of something to eat.
The cost that is here in the United States–where we are willing to destroy sacred lands for the sake of dirty oil.
We’re tired of racing to get ahead to more racing.
We’re over racism. And systemic oppression. And the story of the have’s and the have-not’s completely running our lives.
We’re tired of drooling over the next famous or internet-famous person.
We’re tired of trying to become something bigger, instead of something truer.
We’re tired of losing at a game we don’t like.
We want to play for keeps.
With the earth.
With each other.
With musical instruments and real transformational relationships.
With the kind of integrity that honors generosity.
With the kind of love that raises children in villages.
With the kind of courage that risks letting go of the half-love for the sake of the whole heart’s devotion.

We know we’re ripe for a societal transformation, and this uprising of coaches and healers–we’re going first. We’re dying the shaman’s death. We’re ritualizing and cycling and crystallizing and burning, until we become so clear with our truth that to do anything other than leap into it, would be a betrayal we could not afford.

For some of us, our jobs will remain as the gate keepers to the future. We will continually help people transition into the version of themselves that’s in deeper alignment with the call for Big Love.

For others, our jobs will change over and over again–rising and reinventing to meet the next need, the next call of our very own hearts.

This is not the age of security. This is the age of innovation. This is the age of learning new languages of togetherness. This is the age of finding oneness (which pangs me to write–knowing phrases like that can so easily be thrown out as hippy dippy woo woo bull shit. But whatever. It’s time for the oneness, people.)

Do not be fooled into thinking you are the only one on this path, or that you are the only beneficiary of your courage. It’s not true. We are growing in numbers, and we are growing in clarity that this is a movement about going home to love. About getting better at being a human family. About the ideology of Aquarius: expressing the individual, while serving the collective good. About remembering that our collective is bigger than just the human family, but is a belonging to all living things.

And yes–it is scary, to forge our way into uncertain landscapes, afraid of how we’ll feed ourselves or where we’ll lay our heads. But mind you, this is correct. This is the call of the groundbreaker. This is the cost of innovation. This is how you know you are practicing devotion–because you are walking wildly into the great mystery, and you are listening for the ancient wisdom of your pulsing vital life force to keep you safe, to keep you protected.

And safe and protected you will be, especially if you go all the way. Especially if you commit with crazy love. Especially if you invite us to go all the way with you. We are ready. We are ready. We are ready.

There are many bridges to be built and ancient magic to be re-found, reused. Do not be shy with your call. It is the call of the future of humanity. Jump in. I’m jumping, too.

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