Hello beautiful human!,

I love hearing from you about all things magical, challenging, beautiful, edgy. And I looove connecting about professional opportunities and collaborations.

That said, I get a lot of emails from people asking the same things.

To make Inbox Life a bit easier on myself, I’ve written a list of FAQs below. Please read them through before reaching out.

If I don’t already answer your question below, I’d love to hear from you!

You can reach me by emailing rachael@rachaelmaddox.com.

That’s a confidential email address!

Thanks so much for wanting to connect.

Sending care + trust your way.




Q: Can I interview you for my podcast?!

A: YES! I’m a 100% yes to podcast interviews. Send over some details about your show and your sheduling link. Please grab my headshot and bio right here.

Q: When do applications open for the ReBloom Coach Training 2021? 

A: September 2020!

Q: What’s going on with the book?

A: It’s publishing fall 2020!

Q: Are you taking new 1-on-1 clients?

A: Not right now. My 1-on-1 client roster is completely full and reserved for students in the ReBloom Coach Training.

Q: Can you send me a referral for someone else then?

A: Yes! Here’s a small list of some of my most recommended coaches and practitioners.

Q: Can you be a trauma-informed consultant for my company, group program, training program, etc?

A: Probably! I love consulting. Write to me with your needs, desires and budget.

Q: Can I ask you a deep and personal question about my trauma?

A: You certainly can. I’d love to support you if I can. That said, I’ve got a few parameters to make this a total win for everyone:

  1. There’s likely someone else who reads my stuff that’s sitting with a similar deep question. I’d like to be able to share your question and my answer publicly so that way this work can be of greater service. (While keeping your identity anonymous.)
  2. If you’re up for that, please make your subject line: Ask Rachael.
  3. Sending an email with an Ask Rachael subject gives me permission to publicly respond, again while keeping your identity anonymous.
  4. My replies to these emails will be thoughtful and thorough – and I’ll write them when I have extra time – so please allow for up to a month before hearing back!
  5. Not all questions received will be answered.
  6. Be kind to yourself about what you share. Perhaps lean towards less-is-more, themes or broad strokes over details. <3

Q: This tech thing for something I purchased from you isn’t working! Can you fix it?

A: Yes! Send over your issue right away to hive@rachaelmaddox.com and Jodi on our team will take fast care of you.

Q: What’s your training background?

A: Allll the deets right here.

Q: Do you have any free resources I can use to get started on my healing journey?

A: SO MANY! Click click.

Something I didn’t answer? E-mail me at rachael@rachaelmaddox.com!