I believe this can change the world. (The core concept of ReBloom that I’ve yet to publish anywhere.)

Hey beautiful human,

As you enter a new year, ready to turn the page on old hurts that’ve been holding you back… ready to be a part of a movement to renew our human family – maybe you’re like me over here wondering…

Is there a method we can use to heal ourselves and the collective at the same time? That feels enlivening and sensual – political and personal – all at once?

I gotta tell you something that you may or may not already know:

Your trauma is both incredibly personal and incredibly systemic.

It’s both yours to heal in the quiet care of candlelight and heartbeats – and ours to transform together with cultural and societal change.

To me, the cycle looks something like this:

Over the past three years as my coaching career has narrowed in on trauma resolution, I’ve worked with a variety of clients from all walks of life; with backgrounds and breaking points different than my own.

At the same time, the many shadows of our cultural roots have been getting glaring exposure on social media and national news.

The combination of these two things has often kept me up at night, and eventually revealed to me what I’m now calling The 7 Core Wounds of Humanity:

  1. Neglect.
  2. Exploitation.
  3. Shame and repression.
  4. Manipulation and control.
  5. Violence.
  6. Isolation and alienation.
  7. Colonization.

Deep breath. I’m not gonna leave you with that and run.

What I’ve learned about wounds from working with trauma, is that there’s always a Natural Blueprint of Health underneath. The un-erasable original plan for your greatest vitality and wellness.

I’m going to be bold and say: our human family has Natural Blueprints of Health as well.

And if we can learn how to revive these blueprints in our own lives… 

If we can practice moving from…

  1. Neglect to worthiness.
  2. Exploitation to sovereignty.
  3. Shame and repression to whole self-expression.
  4. Manipulation and control to clarity and choice.
  5. Violence to vitality and empowered safety.
  6. Isolation and alienation to intimate belonging and…
  7. Colonization to co-creation.

…then we can become brave embodiments of health and pleasure, confidence and trust, morality and integrity – in our personal and professional lives.

We can become the leaders our culture is ready for and in need of…

We can do it without martyring or violating ourselves in the process, but rather, we can rise in ways that feel sustainable and enlivening for our hearts, bodies and souls.

Does that sound like a relief? Does it make you as hopeful as it makes me?

I just paused and cried a little. For real.

This stuff has changed my love life, sex life and business. It’s changing how I approach the hardest issues of our time as a leader. And I fully believe, it can change our world. 

Because the truth is…

These aren’t just concepts. They’re practices we do little by little, day by day, together or alone… in living rooms or board rooms… bedrooms or classrooms… to grow our embodied trust in ourselves and each other. 

Are you curious how?

There’s a simple ReBloom Method that I do every day, often more than once. Sometime it takes five minutes, sometimes 15, sometimes 50 – depending on the depth of my question.

But always, I finish the practice feeling more clear, self-compassionate and confident about what direction I need to take in order to grow the most aligned and healthy outcomes. Even if I also feel scared or nervous, sad or mad.

This practice, along with tons of other trauma-informed skills and body-based business tools are central to ReBloom Your Business

And – until my book publishes in July 2019, ReBloom Your Business is the only place where I’ll be teaching the ReBloom Method. 

Not tryina induce scarcity (for real)… but books, like babies, have their own timelines and needs. So!

  • If you can’t wait to learn the ReBloom Method…
  • If you’ve got clients who need it now…
  • If you’re ready for a more alive and abundant, aligned and powerful personal and professional life…
  • If you want your healing to more directly influence the healing of the whole…

There are two spots left in ReBloom Your Business for experienced coaches or guides. 

You can apply today right here if it’s calling to you. I’d love to connect and feel it out together.

Also, if your heart sings over all these things, you’re invited to pre-order ReBloom (the book) right here!

I can’t wait to share this stuff far and wide in July! In the meantime, here’s to going deep and divine with the people who are meant to have this work now. 

Sending you tons of love and care.

I’m grateful you’re here. I believe in us. Happy New Year! 

love love,


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