Rachael is not currently accepting new 1-on-1 clients while she finishes her 2nd book ReBloom. Spaces will re-open Spring 2020.

The Back Story:

After years and years of putting my very scary trauma on the very top shelf in the back room of my psyche, an emergency surgery on my vulva re-activated everything I’d been avoiding, and forced me to get professional help.

I’d been suffering for years in many silent ways. Consistent pain in my vagina. Sexual choices I wasn’t proud of that didn’t serve my soul or true desires. Secret addictions. Consistent blockages around emerging into my true capacity as a leader and business person. Hidden anger and rage. Excruciating sensitivity and fear in the face of minimal offenses. And ultimately, hard to pin-point but deeply embedded beliefs that somehow this spiraling stuckness was all my fault.

I now know the secret science behind the trauma spell and why it lingers. I also know that with educated and directed help, it’s a spell that can be broken. And on the other side of that broken spell, is the life you’ve been struggling to have. One of confidence, safety, joy, aliveness and pleasure.

I’ve worked with some of the very best trauma practitioners, coaches and shamans, as well as trained with one of the best trauma specialists in the nation (Brigit Viksnins), and I’m honored to be here offering this intimate, safe one-on-one experience where I can pay forward the healing and learning that quite literally gave me new life.

“Working one-on-one with Rachael in this container has been beyond transformative. In five years of working past trauma, I’ve never found anything that has been as deeply healing as the in-depth work I’ve done with her. Rachael creates a space that is permissive and open, constantly checking to help you understand where trauma is stored in your body, and how it’s manifesting. I go into every session a little nervous about what parts of my body we’ll unlock in this session, and leave deliciously exhausted, feeling cleansed of past experience and full of power. Rachael is pure magic. Work with her.” – T.P., Washington, DC

How We Work Together:

We always start with a complimentary hour-long feeler call.

I care deeply that you get the best-fit care for where you are in your life, right now. I also care deeply that the people who sign up for this program are right-fit clients for me. Fill out the form at the bottom of this page, and I’ll be in touch within a few business days to schedule a 40 minute consult call, where we can test the waters with each other, at no cost.

After that, we begin with a 2-hour Intro Session, either by skype or in-person in San Diego, CA.

Our Intro Session will be an opportunity for you to share your story (only if you want to), learn techniques for releasing trauma from your body heart and mind, and experience deep embodied shifts around the places you’ve felt most chronically stuck. It will also be an opportunity for me to offer you a metaphor for your current way of being, as well as outline the specific developmental muscles that would be in service to you shifting and growing into a new way of being–a way that can experience resilience and greater capacity in the face of challenge and difficulty.


If we decide we’re a good fit for ongoing work together, my immersive packages begin at $5000 for 5 months, with monthly payment plans available.

$5000 includes::

  • 1 2-hour intake
  • A multi-page personalized program made just for you, following our intake
  • 9 75-minute ongoing sessions (via zoom, phone or in-person)
  • Personally designed practices and/or meditations in between each session
  • Light e-mail and/or Voxer support, as needed, between sessions

Sometimes, people are in need of more than bi-weekly sessions, in which case personalized contracts are negotiated.

Most ongoing clients work with me for 4-12 months. 

Additionally, many people benefit drastically from adding a 2-day in-person immersion to our ongoing work. Immersions are $3000 and include 2 nights at my lovely home a block from Windansea Beach in La Jolla CA (or an AirBnB within walking distance), 3 meals a day for 2 days, and up to 8 hours of immersive session work with me each day. Immersions often include: nature ritual, Alchemical Alignment trauma resolution touch work, threshold mapping and crossing, and highly personalized care and attention.

In our ongoing sessions, you’ll bring your latest trigger or stuck-point to our sessions, and I’ll meet you with whatever tool is best fit to help you release the deeply embedded fears that are holding you back.

Each session, you’ll walk away feeling more empowered, free and confident in the area where you were feeling stuck, broken, ashamed or triggered. We’ll also consistently thread in your current way and new way metaphors (created during your Intro Session) as anchor points for evaluating your growth, transformation and progress.

After our initial 10 sessions are complete, if you’d like to continue working together as needed, alumni session rates are sliding scale $300-$350/session.

What you can expect from me and this program:

  • The highest forms of confidentiality and professionalism
  • Life-changing education about creating resilience, health and power in your nervous system and emotional systems
  • Opportunities to cultivate embodied and emotional freedom as you learn to walk through the world liberated from the stronghold of trauma that can keep you looping in emergency patterns
  • Compassion, compassion, compassion and zero judgement about any part of your past or present
  • Techniques for stabilizing your physiology when emergencies do arise, modeled by my own stability, trust and presence
  • A grounded structure that makes safe space for you to shed, grow and emerge ever-more powerful
  • Unending belief in your health, highest self, and capacity for resilience and pleasure
  • No pushing, ever… and ample practice asserting your boundaries and requesting your desires with someone who is safe, professional and rooting for your empowered voice to take hold
  • 100% respect for every part of you
  • The experience of seeing yourself with enough objectivity that you can make choices that are in service to your healing, your wholeness, your power and your health–repeatedly, in a way that truly and fully, breaks your trauma spell

Who’s a best fit for this program:

  • People who’ve previously been to a coach or therapist of some sort
  • People who are committed and ready to experience significant healing
  • People who struggle with knowing or keeping their boundaries and are needing something more than psychological approaches to shift the pattern
  • People who feel stuck around emerging into the next-level version of themselves, and who’ve experienced interpersonal violations in their recent or early-life past
  • People who are open to exploring and excited about learning the science of embodied change
  • People who know they can’t put off this work–that there’s too much magic inside that’s stuck of stifled–and they just can’t bare to bury it any longer

Want to have that feeler call?

What Others Are Saying:

“Simply put, working with Rachael has been magical and life changing. Before working together, I was struggling with issues in my relationship. I felt like I was broken and that the anxiety, insecurity, and hopelessness I had about being in a healthy relationship would never go away. I had been in traumatic relationships before, and didn’t even realize that those traumas were being carried with me still. Rachael helped me see that with gentleness, forgiveness, and most importantly – empowerment.
Since working with her, I’ve felt more at ease, comfort, and love with myself and who I am. The anxiety has waned. The insecurity is fading. I’m not afraid that I’m broken anymore. In fact, I feel like I’m approaching the world in a stronger mentality than I could have ever imagined.
If you’re feeling broken, anxious, or insecure the way that I was – Rachael is the woman for you. The healing she’s brought into my world is true and real, and I truly believe that every person she touches will experience that too.”  –A.N.

“I’ve been doing a lot of internal work for a long time and I’ve come a very long way in the past 10 years. But the work I am doing with Rachael feels like… going deeper. I’m tapping into my own arousal as a way to make choices and decisions, and focusing on the places in my body where it doesn’t hurt as a way to experience myself as being okay. I’d truly say any woman who has experienced any kind of trauma, whether with a capital T or a small t, would benefit significantly from working with Rachael.” — K.A.

“Rachael takes you to the edge of what you’ve allowed yourself to explore and then gently guides you deeper–safely, even if it’s scary. Together, we touched the places that I was too terrified to touch on my own and I’m experiencing new glimmers of light I never thought I would. I am forever grateful for her wisdom, love, and magic.” — L.C.

“Having Rachael in my pocket is like having a secret superpower – a wise, compassionate voice full of fierce love to remind me how powerful, beautiful and human I am. It’s the best medicine.” –A.S.

Rachael’s capacity to create a space that feels truly safe is one of my favorite things about working with her. She never pushes too fast. And in allowing me to be in that safe space with her, she’s guided me to go deeper with processing traumatic events than I have in five years of traditional therapy. Her gentleness makes the access available.” –T.P.

“I worked with Rachael inspired by her teachings on her web site blogs and Instagram stories. I somehow already felt safe with this woman and knew that she would be someone who could help me. I was stuck I had dealt with my traumatic experiences on one level but somehow something was still off – I was alone and despite being a sociable and extroverted person I hadn’t a partner or an intimate relationship for many years. I knew I wasn’t broken but something wasn’t working maybe this woman who was connected to so much could help me connect that missing piece of me.
I was right, Rachael took me safely and gently deeper than I had known before. She respectfully walked me through things that shifted and moved some of the old and stuck stuff. Freeing me up to access all of me. I would recommend you work with Rachael, a truly experienced professional and master of her craft as a trauma educator and guide.” –T.S.

“What were the recurring issues or challenges you were facing pre-intensive?
Before working with Rachael, I was a mess. I would spend most of the day occilating between depression, anxiety, and anger – routinely frustrated and triggered by seemingly minor things, and then getting even more upset at my apparent inability to function.
Relationships were difficult as every slight was blown way out of proportion by my overactivated nervous system. I felt like I had been running and fighting for decades, and I was curious if it would ever change.
How did I support and prepare you for your intensive?
From the moment I signed up for Rachael’s email list, I knew she was different. Where others would try to push and persuade, she would focus on keeping folks feeling safe and inviting them just a bit beyond their comfort zone.
After going through her journaling program, including a live Q&A call, we had an extensive one on one consultation where we discussed the details of my desired life changes and she proposed a few paths on how we could get there.
I never felt pressured and in the end, despite the significant challenges in facing my demons that the intensive would entail, I actually felt excited. Just from speaking to her over Skype, I felt confident that I was in good hands with Rachael.
What specific healing did you experience during our intensive? What was the experience like? How did I show up to support you?
The actual healing during the intensive was beyond amazing. We spent the first couple days just hanging out with our sensations and orienting to stability. We worked through emotions and traumas that came up in a way that did not re-traumatize my body, and instead allowed it to self regulate and release those stuck energies.
The days of stability building were excellent investments, as the work crescendo’ed with a nature portion. My most basic and primal fears took hold of me as I was able to recreate – in a safe space – traumatic childhood experiences. Except this time, I was a capable adult. I was able to run. And hide. And fight. And freeze. And shake out all that stuck energy – repressed for decades – as the thunder clapped above us in the forest.
The next day, I knew things would never be the same.
*For the analytical minds reading this – I got you. My KPI (Key Performance Indicator) to determine whether the trip was a good investment was wanting to go from spending about ~80% of the day in some level of emotional / nervous system activation to <30%. I’m down to 20% or less most days – and my reactions are usually appropriate now. To put it in perspective, it took about 4 years of coaches, therapists, consultants, workshops, and other experiences to get me down to ~80% (but I understood the stories behind my trauma really well! lol). Rachael helped do the rest in a week. Because she actually worked with the physiology instead of just the psychology. Now that’s a solid ROI (Return on Investment).*
How did your life change after our intensive? What lasting impacts do you notice? 
When I got home after the intensive, I felt oddly calm. I had the desire to go outside and meditate. And as I laid my limbs down, my legs crossed, I felt like one of those old, mindful yoga teachers. Except I didn’t spent 10 years practicing downward dog postures with soccer moms. I just spent a week with Rachael.
I finally understood what it meant to have peace. To end the war inside of myself – with myself – by waking up and realizing there was no one else there. It was just me – all along – fighting myself. But no more. The danger is gone. I survived. I’m a capable adult. I’m okay.
To truly understand that, in every cell of my being – not just as an intellectual, but as a felt, visceral reality – was truly and utterly life changing.
It’s been half a year since that fateful experience. I am calmer than ever, I’ve gotten promoted at work, I’ve moved across the country, I have much more fulfilling and easeful relationships, and my life is more amazing than I could’ve imagined.
Because I trust my body now. And it’s in no small part thanks to Rachael.
Who would you recommend an intensive to and why? 
I’d recommend an intensive to folks who are ready. The ones who have done the psychological work and understand their “Stories” but are looking to experience real, lasting, permanent somatic release.
For folks who are sick and tired of being scared or angry all the time – even when it’s not appropriate. Who want to feel good and feel safe in their bodies, knowing they can protect themselves.
To folks who have been “up in their heads” since they can remember, and have a feeling that there might be a different way to be – a different way to live.
To folks who are sick of just existing – just surviving – and who want to truly open to the luscious beauty and joy of what it is to be fully embodied.
If any of that sounds appealing to you, I can’t recommend Rachael’s intensive enough. She is one of the best and you’ll be in good hands.
Don’t take my word for it though. Feel into it.
Trust your body. It knows when it’s time. ” –L.K., Austin, TX

My Training:

I am a professionally certified Co-Active Coach and Alchemical Alignment trauma resolution practitioner. I’ve also been trained in mindfulness meditation facilitation through the Awakened Leadership Institute, and was a teacher with the Courageous Living Coach Certification for 3 years. For almost a decade I received personal mentorship from a highly experienced earth mystic.

I bring a codified mash-up of many modalities and tools to each of the Trauma Transformation clients I work with, including Alchemical Alignment trauma resolution techniques that incorporate Somatic Experiencing, Biodynamic Craniosacral work, and embodied meditation. I also use movement and dance, Co-Active coaching principles, Integral coaching principles, intuitive card readings, nature work and hand-drawn star-charts with many of my clients.