I’m literally massaging my boobs on Instagram.

I’ve officially blown up my Instagram account. With boobs. And hip undulations. And other sensuous stuff.

For the record, a few years ago I would’ve promptly unfollowed anyone who was this sexually expressed (and then secretly gone back to check their account ’cause it was so bemusing to me).

Pleasure can be SO TENDER when we have histories of sensuality and danger, lust and non-consent, being coupled together.

But hopefully through #mypleasurepractice, you’re learning that there are small ways we can reclaim the safety of pleasure with ourselves, first and foremost.

Thank you for playing along. I have LOVED reading your comments…

About your sensuous sleep rituals…
Your ecstatic eating practices…
Your own titty sensitivities…
Your difficulties and longings and love and desires…

Here’s the #mypleasurepractice round up in case you’d like to revisit them or check ’em out for the first time!

The Back Story
Day 1 – Sleep Naked
Day 2 – Sensuous Bathing
Day 3 – Eat Ecstatically
Day 4 – Hip Undulations
Day 5 – Decolonize Your Flowers
Day 6 – Breast Massage
Day 7 – Say Good Morning to Your Vagina
On feeling triggered

Truly, there are so few places where we can talk openly about pleasure – especially inside a safe container of no force and total consent.

I’m really grateful we’ve had the chance to do that this last week with #mypleasurepractice, and I’d love to invite you to continue the convo in an even deeper way in the next round of The Grown Goddess Academy.

We begin August 1, and we’ll dive deep into unshaming and reclaiming your pleasure, power and purpose. We explore trauma resolution, inner kid healing, consent, boundaries, sex, vaginas, momentums of health – the whole nine. It’s slow & safe & full of sisterhood. (Way slower than this week’s pleasure practice!)

10 live group lessons. 10 live group coaching calls. And a 3-day in-person retreat in San Diego at the end!!

All the details are right here.

I’d love to be together!

Big love, beautiful humans.

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