Because You Are Able

just go all the way.
far past your limits and comfort and usual standards.
go because you know, in earnest,
that you’ll never really discover your favorite version of
being alive
if you stay here,
in this way,
in this cell.
because you are able.
because your body’s asking.
because you can’t explain why.
because twitter is so god damn boring.
because your toes want sunshine
and your nose wants ocean.
because every reason for not going
comes out of your mouth like middle school busy work
that you’re far too intelligent for.
because your going will definitely change you,
and in turn, change the world.
because it’s love who’s asking.
and it’s love who you answer to.
and it’s love that makes you able,
that got you here in the first place,
that will be there as you go.
go. go. go.
because you must.
because you are able.

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