Big Announcement! I Changed The Name Of The Book!

Hello wonderful incredible humans,


This winter, post-Kickstarter, was a time of great incubation and research for me. I’ve been working with 25 women in a Sex After Trauma School, and the experiences we’ve been having in that space are informing the book in seriously incredible ways. I’m thrilled to share with you a process that’s so effective and powerful for holistic sexual healing after trauma.

Speaking of which… for a while now, the name of the book felt “off” to me. Like it didn’t quite capture the full scope of the process that gives way to a transformed sex life.

So often I share with my clients that super satisfying sex is about all the things that aren’t sex, getting into alignment first. Then sex is the flowering, the bloom. But there’s no bloom without healthy soil, sturdy roots, a solid stem.

So speaking of blooming… the new title of the book. Drum roll, please…

ReBloom – The Path to Healthy Sex, Love and Intimacy After Trauma


ReBloom is full of the same helpful stories, maps and strategies as Sex After Trauma (it’s the exact same book, basically), but the central metaphor of reblooming ties it all together in a way that honors and highlights the embodied lifecycle of sexual healing.

I can’t wait to share the whole concept with you in detail (!), but for now… I hope you love the new title and… thank you. I’m super grateful you’ve entrusted me to write this important book for you.

It feels like a risk to change the name (Will you like it? Will you be mad at me for supporting something with a different name at first? Will the new name translate widely?), but my heart and soul know it’s the right move.

The name of a book, in a lot of ways, is like its destiny. This book begged me for a name that felt more vibrant and alive, hopeful and holistic. I heard the call, and heeded it.

So excited to get this baby in your hands, fall 2018.

BIG LOVE. So much. Thank you.

To reblooming this spring and beyond…



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