How to have a never-ending life adventure.

Come clean, come into alignment, come out, play, rest.
Come clean, come into alignment, come out, play, rest.
Come clean, come into alignment, come out, play, rest.

Come clean… get honest with yourself about what you really want, what you really value, what really turns you on.

Come into alignment… let go of the half-hearted yeses, lean into the big fuck yeses. (Even when it scares you shitless or disassembles your comfortable containers.) Come out… move into the world with your alignment intact. Practice showing & telling the true you.

Play… let yourself be found. Dance with your people. Experiment, flail, fail, have fun.
Rest… go back inward. Reflect. Recoup. Receive the bounty of your willingness. Integrate. Dream.

Come clean… look again at the dissonance/resonance between your values and your actions.

Come into alignment…


…this is how I run my life. It’s tender and amazing and hard and worth it.

These days, I’m coming clean more & more about my desire for a Main Squeeze Capital-L Love (that allows Side Squeezes, too!), for really deep, hot and connected sex, for utter safety & authenticity in my sensual and sexual expression, for a feeling of being the Boss in every area of my life (as in, empowered, decisive, delegating, abundant and wildly of service). I’ve been coming into alignment, coming out & playing… especially over the last few months. Andddd… always resting as much as possible.

While my ‘coming out’ has been [mostly] transparent and easeful in my in-person communities, online is still more edgy. More diversity of eyes, more potential for judgement, more room for the monkey mind to chime in.

So it goes.

It’s the price we pay for becoming more of who we really are. We attract stronger, repel truer.

Can be uncomfortable, but I’ll take it over the price I’d pay for hiding from the life I really want.

How about you? Where are you in this wild goose chase of becoming ever more yourself? Tell me everything in the comments below. I’d love to hear it all! The good, bad, easy, hard. Let’s be on this adventure together. xo

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  1. I’m working hard on all of the things listed above lol. I spent so many years being a people pleaser and doing things just because I thought they were what I was supposed to do. Coming clean is only step one, but to me it’s the most terrifying. it’s a day by day process. Thank you for putting this into words for me.

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