with Rachael Maddox

Rachael Maddox is a trauma resolution educator, coach and guide who’s helped hundreds of humans move from sexual, complex or developmental trauma into pleasure, power and trust-filled relationships.

Author of Secret Bad Girl: A Sexual Trauma Memoir and Resolution Guide, and ReBloom: Archetypal Trauma Resolution for Personal & Collective Healing – Rachael uses stories and metaphor to weave together healing methods that are accessible, safe, fun and effective.

Known as a leader in the industry, Rachael teaches and mentors other coaches, healers and therapists who are devoted to trauma-informed, radically inclusive, pleasure-positive approaches to changing lives and culture, in her 20-month certification program, the ReBloom Coach Training—now enrolling.

On a fierce mission to help as many people as possible who’ve experienced trauma, Rachael offers one-on-one supportgroups, articles and courses for humans who are ready to dance hard with life.

If you’re new to Rachael or the territory of trauma resolution, check out this free 8-part video series, Becoming a Grown Goddess, that covers Trauma 101, Boundaries & Belonging, Sex After Trauma, and more!

Rachael’s professional training includes Alchemical Alignment Trauma Resolution & Embodiment of Spirit, The Coaches Training Institute and The Awakened Leadership Academy.

For fun, Rachael writes songs on her ukulele, swims naked as often as possible, and lays quietly under trees.

Media headshots:

My personal healing journey goes a little bit like this…

After years and years of putting my very scary sexual trauma on the very top shelf in the back room of my psyche, an emergency surgery on my vulva re-activated everything I’d been avoiding, and forced me to get professional help.

I’d been suffering for years in many silent ways…

Consistent pain in my vagina.
Sexual choices I wasn’t proud of that didn’t serve my soul or true desires.
Secret addictions.
Tons of blocks around emerging into my true capacity as a leader, creator, and business person.
Hidden anger and rage.
Excruciating sensitivity and fear in the face of minimal offenses.
And ultimately, hard to pin-point but deeply embedded beliefs that somehow… this spiraling stuckness was all my fault.

Why? Because I was deeply devoted to growth and healing, and yet still, so much stuckness persisted.

I now know the secret science behind the trauma spell and why it lingers. I also know that with educated and directed help, it’s a spell that can be broken. And on the other side of that broken spell, is the life we deeply desire. A life of confidence, capacity, joy, aliveness and pleasure.

After working with hundreds of women, I’ve found that there are different entry points to this truly tender and powerful territory.

Sometimes, we need to begin in a circle of other women, and learn not only the science and psychology of the trauma spell, but more importantly, that we’re not alone in our struggle, and that our togetherness can liberate us more than we ever imagined.

Other times, we need a sacred, safe and sensitive 1-on-1 space with a trusted guide who’s been through it herself. We need weekly or bi-weekly sessions, a smart & thorough personalized program, and lots of room to alchemizeour deeply embodied ache into something miraculously empowered and breathtakingly beautiful.

Other times still, we need to lay down on a bed in a house by the ocean, and cry, and be held, and be fed, and be tended to in the ways that girl or teenerager who had all those messed up things happen never was. We need maps drawn on paper, and scrolls scribbled and spiraled. We need candlelight and card readings and the very safest somatic therapies and tea on tap and poetry in whispers.

Or maybe we just need to read the book, listen to the podcast, watch the video or skim the article… collect the wisdom and digest the truth, so we can know what’s going on, so we can empower ourselves to keep going.

Wherever you are on your journey, I honor you deeply and I trust your sense about what you most need now. I hope that the resources laid out here are of tremendous service to you.

Because if there’s one thing I believe more than anything, it’s that we are each so incredibly capable and worthy of feeling deeply alive, confident, pleasurable and whole.

No matter what we’ve experienced. No matter how secretly bad we’ve convinced ourselves we are. No matter how impossibly stuck we feel.

Healing happens. Everything changes. I’m here to help you find your way through.

Lots of love and trust in your journey.

xox, Rachael

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