Let’s elevate humanity together.

Hey beautiful humans,

From where I sit, we’re in a biiiiig birth canal as a human family.

There’s no turning back –

We can’t avoid the rising sea levels, the burning forests, the open wounds of personal and collective trauma.

But we can decide that we’re gonna devote, come hell or high water, to elevating humanity and rebirthing health – personally and collectively.

3 years ago around this time, a good friend of mine – Katie Campbell – died at 33 years old to stage 4 breast cancer. Losing her was a harrowing and awakening thing to go through.

In her last 6 months of life, she made a commitment. She was going to heal, whether or not the cancer took her life. She would heal her heart, her soul, her body, even. So either way, the cancer wouldn’t win. She would.

It might sound a bit dramatic, but this is how I feel about the world these days. Our human family, as beautiful as we are, is more than a bit overtaken by cancerous growths.

While we don’t yet know how or if it will “end” or when, we can decide that no matter what, whether we “make it” or “not”, we’re going to heal.

In so many ways, this is the heart and soul of the ReBloom model.

In the face of the very real 7 Core Wounds of Humanity…
In the face of the tricky ways our nervous systems trap us in subconscious trauma spells…
In the face of environmental collapse, systemic oppression and government corruption…

Maybe, just maybe, it’s not too late.

Whatever we predict, whether we’re hopeful or not… either way, we still have choice right here and now.

We can learn simple, profound, powerful practices to cultivate embodied and energetic coherence that super-align us to health, presence, capacity, creativity and care.

We can grow pleasure, power and love in the dark.

Uh huh… we can.

Introducing… the 7 ReBloom Archetypes!

In ReBloom, there are 7 Archetypes that each align to a Natural Blueprint of Health, fall vulnerable to a specific Core Wound, and have gentle, powerful practices to help them rebloom.

Here’s a tiny peek at some of the map:

The Soul Seed

Natural Blueprint: Worthiness & Receptivity
Traumatic Imprint: Neglect
Hyper: Rigid Self-Reliance -and/or- Deviance
Hypo: Self-Denial
Body Parts: Umbilicus, Stomach
Essential Practice: Feed your needs

The Gatekeeper

Natural Blueprint: Sovereignty
Traumatic Imprint: Exploitation
Hyper: Impenetrable Boundaries
Hypo: Flimsy Boundaries
Body Parts: Hips, Pelvis, Genitals, Womb-space
Essential Practice: Choose what regenerates you

The Expressionista

Natural Blueprint: Whole Self Expression
Traumatic Imprint: Shame & Repression
Hyper: Aggressive Defiance
Hypo: Dimming
Body Parts: Breasts, Chest, Heart, Throat
Essential Practice: Share with the intention of healing

The Sage

Natural Blueprint: Clarity & Choice
Traumatic Imprint: Manipulation & Control
Hyper: Hyper-vigilance
Hypo: Confusion and/or Following
Body Parts: Throat, Neck, Mouth/Jaw/Voice, Eyes, Third Eye
Essential Practice: Truth-aligned leadership

The Groundskeeper

Natural Blueprint: Vitality & Empowered Safety
Traumatic Imprint: Violence
Hyper: Outbursts and/or Addiction
Hypo: Numbing and/or Addiction
Body Parts: Hands and Feet, Arms and Legs
Essential Practice: Move things where they need to be

The Pollinator

Natural Blueprint: Intimate Belonging
Traumatic Imprint: Isolation & Alienation
Hyper: Ride-or-Die
Hypo: In-It-Alone
Body Parts: Eyes and Lips, Face and Skin, Social Nervous System
Essential Practice: Cultivate pleasurable connection 

The Sacred Gardener

Natural Blueprint: Co-Creation
Traumatic Imprint: Colonization
Hyper: Colonizer
Hypo: Colonized
Body Parts: Crown, Spine
Essential Practice: Act in sacred service to the whole

Does this make you feel as emotional as it makes me?!

Here’s the thing…

I’ve witnessed (and experienced) this medicine move people from disoriented, overwhelmed, hopeless and panicked… to growing more and more self-trust and inner-authority by the day.

I’ve witnessed (and experienced) this medicine soothe over-analysis and embodied triggers, and provide a doable, accessible practice to lean into when everything else felt like way too much.

I’ve witnessed (and experienced) this medicine open doors to huge breakthroughs, transformations and opportunities – in sex, in love, in calling, in cash.

And mostly, I’ve witnessed this medicine as an alchemical key that unfurls sacred capacity to lead sustainably, instead of freezing in the face of emergency.

I’m in love with and so grateful for this body of work. The way it works on me. The way it grounds and centers and emboldens and empowers each person who comes in contact with it.

And I’m PSYCHED to share it with you!

Because we’re in a huge birth canal as a human family.

We don’t know what will happen next, or when…

But we can intend to regenerate health, no matter what. We can decide to be the living miracle for as long as we live. We can devote to healing ourselves and each other… together.

You with me?

Join me for a free 2-hour webinar where I’ll lay out the basics of working with the ReBloom Archetypes to grow resilience, love and capacity in your life, your coaching practice, and our world.

DATE: Wednesday September 4th

TIME: 10am – 12pm PST

Head right here to sign up for the free class. 🙂

Know a soul who needs this medicine? Who’d love a gorgeous, geeky personal and collective post-traumatic growth map!? Please do your friend a favor and forward the invite. <3

Big love. Excited gratitude! Here we goooo….

PS – If you’re an experienced coach, therapist or guide who knows you want to work more confidently in the realm of trauma with your clients – to meet them with depth, capacity and care using a soulful approach that works – you’re invited to the ReBloom Coach Training! Early bird enrollment is still open. Check it out and apply today! 🙂 xo

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