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Hi! I’m Rachael Maddox.

Welcome to my online space.

I’m here to serve woman who want to feel more safe, confident and connected to their sexuality, pleasure and power. (Even if those last three words terrify them.)

If you’re just beginning your journey into the world of trauma resolution, my book, Secret Bad Girl: A Trauma Resolution Memoir and Guide, might be a great place to start. You can buy the Kindle version here, or the print copy here!

Trauma Resolution Coaching & Guidance

4 months of trauma resolution coaching. Embodied stabilization. Boundary repairs. Identity healing. Spiritual renewing.

1 hour to discover your very personal Secret Sex Goddess Archetype. Drench your life in yum. (The most fun sessions evah.)

Holistic Life Coaching

3-6 months of structured, sacred & consistent support. Become your vision. Grow into your call.

120 minutes to move you from wishing to activated. Clarity, Honesty, Trust & A powerful plan for what comes next.

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