Your body holds the secret and your body knows how to free it –

…but you gotta remember to
listen, honor, respond.
Enter: the Embodied Trust Meditation.
My clients tell me it’s their favorite.
I hope you love it, too.

“In five years of therapy, I’ve never found anything that has been as deeply healing as the trauma resolution work I’ve done with Rachael.”
– T.P., Washington, DC

Once upon a time, I was stuck under a trauma spell.

I didn’t know that’s what it was then, only that secret shame, ungodly pain, quiet addictions and incessant over-performing had a stronghold on my body and heart – and I kept experiencing the absolute worst things in bed.

You can read more of my story right here, or immerse in my first book Secret Bad Girl here, but here’s the long and short of it –

I found one of the best somatic healers in the world. Went to her for two years consistently. Studied with her rigorously. And began working with clients in a whole new way. A way rooted in embodied intelligence and mystical healing capacities, radical reverence and zero forced interventions.

The results have been profound. Renewed boundaries. Self trust and felt-sense safety. Ecstatic sex where there was once frozen fear. Significant physical, emotional and relational healing.

It’s my honor and a blessing to do this work! So…

  • If cognitive approaches to your trauma resolution are falling short…
  • If your body and your heart don’t seem to be in sacred partnership…
  • If you’re longing for gentle, consent-based education, guidance and tools…

… I’m happily here to serve.

Start here if you’re just realizing you have trauma.

Here if you’re looking for a daily practice to empower you.

Here if you’ll take all the free resources you can get!

And HERE if you’d like to train to become a certified ReBloom Coach for personal and collective post-traumatic growth.

Wherever you are, know your story isn’t over yet. Healing happens. Everything changes. I’m here to help you remember how.



Here's the reality: Entering into a dissociative "immobility response", also known as "freeze" in the fight, flight, freeze trifecta, is your biological, instinctual, unconscious response to threat or violation. Dissociation is an instinctual subconscious attempt at feeling less pain when you're in a dangerous spot you can't get out of. Shame-free. Intelligent. Body wisdom.
-Secret Bad Girl

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