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“In five years of therapy, I’ve never found anything that has been as deeply healing as the trauma resolution work I’ve done with Rachael.”
– T.P., Washington, DC

Ways we can be together.

Healing Group Programs

Group Lessons & Coaching

Learn, heal, relate and celebrate with other women also on a journey of whole-self reclamation. Create bonds that’ll last a lifetime.

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1-on-1 Trauma Transformation Coaching

Intimate Togetherness

Immerse yourself in a safely held personalized Trauma Transformation program with a professional guide who’s been through the process herself.

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Educational Resources

Read, Watch & Listen

Dive into a library full of science, spirit, sex and sincerity. Stories for the soul, interviews for the mind, poetry for the wordless places & video lessons for the hungry heart.

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Hi, I'm Rachael!

I'm here to help you unshame and reclaim your pleasure, power and purpose after experiencing complex, developmental or sexual trauma.

You may be under a trauma spell if things like anxiety, deep lethargy, fear of sex or too much sex, boundary challenges, consistent emergencies or shame are holding you back from feeling confident, connected, wildly empowered or safe in your skin.

The trauma spell can be secretive, scary and insidious, but it's breakable, and you don't have to break it alone.

I've worked with hundreds of women and men to help them understand and overcome their trauma spells and move into a place of vitality, full self-expression, health, joy and juiced up living.

Together, we can get to the other side.
"Here's the reality: Entering into a dissociative "immobility response", also known as "freeze" in the fight/flight/freeze trifecta, is your biological, instinctual, unconscious response to threat or violation. Dissociation is an instinctual subconscious attempt at feeling less pain when you're in a dangerous spot you can't get out of. Shame-free. Intelligent. Body wisdom.", -Secret Bad Girl

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Trauma tricks, announcements, secret love stories and my most intimate lessons on whole-self reclamation. Let’s be together.

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